Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Wise Christmas Tips From a Women on a Budget

So how is every ones Christmas shopping coming along?
If you are anything like me...I find myself getting my head in a real spin on what I should buy for people...and how much I should spend. There is just so much to take into consideration when it comes to buying presents for friends and family...and when it comes down to it, is thought really sufficient?

I have been sent some excellent Christmas shopping tips from the lovely people at Save.co.uk, on how to find and bag some real bargains this holiday season. Some of the tips I have unknowingly applied to my own shopping.....so here we go!
  • Shopping on random days - I myself seem to get a real buzz at the thought of going out shopping, and more often than not...when I get the 'I must go shopping' feeling...9 times out of 10 I go. If you strategically plan your shopping trips in advance this can really help you save the £££. During December retailers tend to struggle to sell the masses of stock they have ordered in and then...struggled to sell, so sometimes it can really benefit you to wait for those shops to put up the 'SALE' signs!
  • Shopping Online - The last couple of years I seem to do all my Christmas shopping online, my reasons behind this are primarily skipping all the hustling, bustling shops and just being able to drop everything I want into the basket, in the comfort of my own home, the only downfall of this new form of shopping, is you miss out on the excitment of running up and down the high street in a frenzy! I also find that I save money shopping online, thanks to price comparison sites and my own personal research of each item on my list. The web really does for me, offer one of the best ways to shop this year!
  • Secret Santa - If you are like the majority of us this year and on a strict budget, then a Secret Santa can be a fun and realistic way to sort friends and family, a grab bag means that you should end up buying only one present! In my experience of Secret Santa's, it is a real giggle figuring out what to buy someone and remaining anonymous...hehe....

  • Get Social - The world is now social, and by social I mean...we are all on Facebook and Twitter, even if we are not very proud of that fact! Realistically speaking, apart from the obvious benefits of being in touch with everyone and anyone that we know, more and more retailers are now branching out and communing with us, this is a great way to stumble across special discounts and deals that they provide to their 'social friends'. If you are not already benefiting from these special codes...sell your soul today and get on Facebook & Twitter!
  • Scour the world wide web for vouchers -The web is alive with hundreds of vouchers that can benefit us all, from our big Christmas shop at Tesco, or on gifts we want to purchase online. Another favourite of mine is cash back sites, if you have children and have not already...head over to KidStart and shop through them, to gain back money for your babies! Save.co.uk offer extensive money saving vouchers...so make sure you check them out prior to spending a small fortune!!
Thank you very much to everyone at Save.co.uk for providing us all with these very wise tips this Christmas, make sure you all head over to their Facebook Page and check out their '12 Days of Christmas' where they are featuring special deals in a different category each day, from now until Christmas Day!

Laura xx

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