Monday, 1 April 2013

Babasac review

Ever since Leo came out of his swaddle at 12 weeks old we have been using baby sleeping bags for bedtime. Leo has always been a child that kicks off any blankets you put on him and I was happy that the sleeping bag was a safe choice.

With a sleeping bag I knew that Leo was going to be snug all night, there is no chance of him kicking it off and getting cold. I am confident that the sleeping bag won’t rise up over his head and become a safety issue and knowing all of this allows me to sleep better.

I have recently discovered Mama Designs Ltd who have very kindly sent Leo a Babasac, their multi tog sleeping bag. The multi tog means that I can unzip the inner layer taking it from a 2.5 tog to a 1.0 tog and vice versa so that I can use this sleeping bag in the winter or the summer.

Up until I began using the Babasac I had two separate sleeping bags for Leo rather than one that could be used as two. It really is a great idea and saves you buying multiple styles and togs!

We opted for the Navy Star design and it looks really smart, upon receiving our Babasac we weren’t disappointed. The outer and inner linings are 100% cotton and it is a lovely weight and quality. There are poppers at the top on either shoulder to keep the sleeping bag from riding up and it is fully tested to British Safety Standards BS8510:2009.

It couldn’t be any easier to take out the inner layer, and all you need to do is unzip around the circumference of the sleeping bag. With the inner layer out it is now a 1.0 tog sleeping bag and perfect for summer weather. Of course the British weather even in the Summer can be a bit crazy at times, beautiful one moment and raining the next! Having such a versatile sleeping bag is exactly what is needed with such un-predictable weather.

We will be taking the Babasac with us to Cyprus in August in the 1.0 tog capacity, so that Leo is covered as it can get considerably cooler at night time.

Leo has been poorly recently and the Babasac unfortunately fell victim to little man, and even now we have washed it a few times it has still come up beautifully. 

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