Sunday, 13 April 2014

More Than A Room

It only feels like yesterday that Luke and I began to paint Leo’s first bedroom. It was September 2011 and Leo was 12 weeks old, and we were in a hurry to get the room just right before we moved him from the moses basket in our room, into the wide open space of his new cot bed.

Decorating Leo’s room was something that we had put off, as at this point we were still living under my parent’s roof. We didn’t want to get too comfortable as we had anticipated moving out sooner rather than later. At this point it was still our main aim to save for a deposit and buy our own place, and this is why we were now picking out the colours for Leo’s room. Staying put gave us more of a chance to save… Or at least that was the plan.

We painted Leo’s bedroom walls, and placed Winnie The Pooh wall art throughout the room. It was really starting to take shape now the finishing touches were being added. Luke had put the cot together and we were on the final leg of the preparations, and within a few days Leo was in his new room!

We have now moved into our own place, and we were faced with the realisation that Leo’s new room definitely needed sprucing up! As we rent this house privately, we are limited to what we can do. I have mentioned before how I detest the lime Green bobbly wallpaper that has been used in Leo’s room. It definitely wouldn’t have been my choice had I had a say in the decorating decisions. Of course we could potentially change this, we could tear it all out and start again. But I have to wonder if it is worth it. After all we have to renew our lease every 6 months, there are so many reasons that mean we could potentially have to move each time the lease ends. So to save pennies, valuable pennies that go into our mortgage deposit, I decided I would live with the wallpaper that I detest so much. We have improvised with new wall stickers, we have used simple touches to detract from the bits that we can’t change.

I have always loved the selection of children’s bedding and home décor over at Lulu & Nat. They have beautiful children’s bedding and accessories to really brighten up a child’s bedroom. One day when we do finally buy our own home, a home that we will be living in for many years to come.

One day we will finally be able to give Leo the exact room he wants, he can help choose the paint or the wallpaper, the carpet and the accessories. It will be Leo’s room, in our family home.

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