Monday, 12 May 2014

The Realisation

In recent weeks we discovered that we are having to leave our home, that the landlord is reclaiming his house. This has left us wondering about where we will go from here and what we will do. There isn't much on the rental market at all right now, and I think I am now coming to the realization that unless we find somewhere soon... we will be going back to the parent's house for a while to think about our next steps. 

We are slowly getting a deposit together with a view to buying, so maybe we really are better off to go home and dust ourselves off while we continue to put our pennies into our house fund pot. The thing about private renting is that you can never really know how long you can call the house you occupy.. home. It really can change in an instant, and the only security you get with private renting is 2 months notice. If at all you can call that security. 

I look forward to the day that I own my own home, I have ideas about how it is going to be furnished and how I will be able to put my own personal touches on every room. I can see Leo's room with a vibrant red wall and his car bed pride of place. I can see all of his ornaments placed neatly along the shelves that we have installed for him. His teddies all lined up in one corner of his room and his toys scattered all over the floor. The toys that I will have asked him to tidy away many times before... You seen when we own our own home, we will be able to finally paint and wallpaper Leo's room in any way that he likes. He will be the creator and we will be the ones to make his wildest dreams come true, because when we own our own home we can do whatever we like.

Right now we have steered away from doing anything to the walls, because I always knew this wasn't to be our forever home. That is not the way it goes when renting but one day when we have all of our deposit and have found our perfect home, we will be in a position to really put our mark on the place.

I already have an idea of how I want our bedroom to look, I have always wanted a feature wall. Just one wall that is slightly over the top but perfect in moderation. I want the rest of the walls to be white, as I think that one feature wall looks perfect against a simple colour. We already have a kingsize faux leather bed, and this fits in perfect with my boutique look, of course we would need to replace our miss matched furniture.. But that is all something we can do over time. 

I have been having a look at a website that have beautiful limited addition art prints for sale, and I have found the most beautiful piece of art that would complete my dream bedroom. This is the Rainy Day Love Story, it is so simple yet so beautiful. I would love to hang this above my bed, I think it would really complete the room.

Of course right now this is all just out of reach, we have lots of saving to do before we can even consider making this dream a reality. But we will get a deposit together and we will create a reality where Leo has the security of his very own home. We just have to keep working hard, and maybe even bite the bullet and return the parent's family home. 

Because one day, this will be a reality.

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