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5 Facts you didn’t know about Dolly Parton

Unless you are an avid Dolly Parton fan, here are 5 facts that you almost certainly didn’t know about this highly talented singer-songwriter, instrumentalist, writer, actress who is one of the best known celebrities in the country music scene.

Dolly Parton lost a Dolly Parton lookalike contest

OK, you might have heard about this one before, but until the singer herself confirmed the fact to ABC news a little while ago it appeared to be little more than a rumour. The contest took place at Halloween on the Santa Monica Boulevard, and all the other competitors were men. Dolly played a self-caricature and lost the competition by a large margin.   Speaking of the event she said “All the guys were dressed up like me and I just over-exaggerated my look and went in and just walked up on stage. I didn't win. I didn't even come in close, I don't think."

Dolly Parton wouldn’t let Elvis Presley record here song "I Will Always Love You"

Not everybody knows that it was Dolly Parton who wrote "I Will Always Love You", the hit song that was featured in the movie The Bodyguard in 1992 and sung by Whitney Houston. It is the best selling pop song ever.  Dolly wrote the song in 1973 and released it as a single in 1974 which made it to number 4 in the Billboard Hot Country Songs. Elvis Presley wanted to make a cover version of the song, and no doubt he would have made an excellent job of it; probably a number one hit, but Dolly objected to the fact that he wanted half the publishing rights and so refused to let him have the song. It was a good decision; as a result she made many more millions of dollars out of royalties.

Dolly Parton had 11 siblings and 3 half siblings

Dolly was born in Locust Ridge, Tennessee in 1946 and she was the fourth of 12 children. The others were Willadeene, Denver, David, Bobby, Stella, Cassie, Randy, Floyd, Freida, Rachel and Larry who died when very young. However she also had at least 3 half siblings as her father tended to stray somewhat.

Dolly Parton has composed over 5,000 songs

Dolly Parton wrote her first song (about a corn doll) when she was just seven years old. Since then she has composed around 5,000 more. She claims to write a song every few days and considers herself to be a songwriter primarily with singing being her second love.

Dolly Parton has her uncle to thank for recognising her talent and launching her career

Dolly has her uncle Billy Earl Owens top thank for recognising her talent and kick starting her career. He was so enamoured of her natural talent that he taught here how to play the guitar and helped here with her song writing. He introduced here to Cas Walker who ran a grocery store chain which he promoted on a radio show. She sang live on the show when she was ten years old and the rest is history.

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  1. How interesting! I love Dolly Parton, and never new any of these!

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