Friday, 26 September 2014

A First Car

Passing your driving test and being able to hit the open road solo for the very first time is a life changing experience. I will never forget the day that I somehow managed to pass my test, and was allowed to hop in my own car for the very first time and drive away without a parent or instructor in the seat next to me, it was a surreal experience, but now 6 years later it has just become a way of life.

The Car Buying Service have been in a reflective mood of late, and they have been asking their staff to think back to their very first car.., That includes all of the good experiences, and the not so good! They have posed the same questions to me, so this should make for some interesting answers...

1.       What was your first car?
My First car was a J Reg Rover Metro, it was a clapped out tin on wheels but I loved it so. It was the car I learnt to drive in, and it was there ready for when I passed my driving test back in 2008 at 18 years old. It was a 1.1 Litre engine and seemed to take forever to pick up any kind of actual speed, it had a pull out choke that had a habit of getting jammed, which was far from ideal on a cold frosty morning when the engine needed a little more assistance!

2.       How did you came to possess it?
We found the Metro in a newspaper advertisement, my boyfriend at the time and his Father took me over to view it. It was the first car I had seen but just the prospect of owning a car prompted me to buy it there and then. I didn't care that it was old, just the thought of being able to own my very first car was excitement enough. We drove it away the next day, and I then began being able to drive around in it with my Father, even if this did scare him somewhat...

3.       What made the car special? 
The Metro was special because it was mine, it meant I could head out independently and I could get myself from A-B. I just love the feeling that came with having my very first car, it made me feel amazing, just knowing that now I could drive I could take myself on days out with friends, and I didn't have to worry about catching the bus or working out the train timetable to locations right on my doorstep. That first car feeling is truly the best feeling for a teenage of 18!

4.       What is your fondest memory of that car?
The Metro holds many fond memories for me, I think the one that is hard to beat was that very first day that I passed my test. I arrived home on cloud 9, and realised that now I had my license I could just hop straight into my car and drive off wherever I wished to. That night I did what most teenagers do who have just passed their driving test, I just drove around completely content and proud of what I had accomplished. I drove down country roads, down bypasses and home again, I must have been out for hours just enjoying the moment.

5.       Why did you choose that particular car?
There was no particular reason for my choice of car, it was an impulse buy, I didn't really mind what I had, I just wanted a car that was mine.  I guess you could say I was a hot headed 18 year old...

6.       Do you have any funny stories or memories of your first car?
My Metro is the stuff urban legends are made from, that car lived through a fair bit. Being young and care free we used to have the most random times with my car... I think this photo pretty much sums that up...

I had my very first bump in the Metro, while pulling out of the hotel where I once worked, my poor J Reg met a rather swanky new car and was never the same again, the bumper was hanging and the indicator smashed.  It lived to tell the tale though... For a another month or so at least until it met a sticky end when I hit a fox. I couldn't believe it, I was on my way home from a late shift at work when a fox just stood glaring at me in the middle of the road. There was nothing I could do, no where I could swerve.. I just had to keep going. I will never forget the look on that poor foxes face... The car was a goner too, and that was the day it got laid to rest in the scrapyard in the sky. 

7.       Do you have any tips for those buying their first car?
I think when it comes to buying your first car you need to give it a bit more thought than what I did. I was lucky and ended up with a decent car (until I met the fox of course). Think about your budget and what you want out of the car. Look into the insurance prices and how much the tax will set you back before making your final decision.

8.       Do you have any tips for those selling their first car?
I never managed to sell my first car, nor my second... It was only when coming to sell my Peugeot the other month that I had ever been able to sell on a car I had owned! Have a look online and see what they are going for on Auto Trader, if your on Facebook, have a look to see if there is a local car selling group. I actually sold mine over Facebook. It picked up interest quickly and the first person to come along and see it, actually bought it on the spot and drove it away the same day! 

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