Friday, 3 October 2014

Top 5 awkward office moments

There are many perils to working an office, especially if you work in close proximity to others, trying to get through your shift without becoming a talking point can be difficult at the best of times.
From having lipstick on your teeth, toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe or letting everybody hear your annoying ringtone, there are many office faux pas that lead to awkwardness and embarrassment but the following have to be the top 5:
5. Spilling the morning coffee - You arrive in the office, a little groggy from the night before and what better way to wake you up than a steaming cup of coffee, you walk slowly to the kitchen, make your morning brew and head back to your desk, spilling the contents all over it. There are not many things more embarrassing that calling the tech team to request a new keyboard or phoning the director to tell him that the important contract he’s due to sign is ruined.
4. Tripping hazards - If your office is a health and safety controlled environment, and it should be then the reality of tripping over something is very slim….very slim but not impossible. Catching your foot on a cable, slipping on a rogue piece of paper or just tripping in general can be highly embarrassing, if you should fall foul of this mishap then make sure you own up to the fall, skipping away like nothing happened can often look even worse.
3. Wardrobe malfunctions - Wardrobe malfunctions can affect any of us and at any time, but doing it in the office of just before a big meeting can be particularly cringeworthy. For men it doesn't get more embarrassing that sweat patches under the arms and leaving the zip down on their trousers. For the ladies in the office however there can be little more cringeworthy than having a ladder up the back of your tights or worst still, tucking your skirt into the back of your underwear.
2. Swinging on your chair - It’s getting towards the end of the day, your jobs are done and you take one last call. leaning back on your chair, you begin to rock back and forth, before ultimately plummeting to your demise. Not only is it dangerous but it’s a sure fire way to make you the victim of the office jokes for a few hours.
1. Accidental emails - Without question this is the biggest and sometimes most costly office faux pas. We’ve all heard the horror stories of those who finish off an email to their boss with a kiss on the end, and once you hit that send button there’s no coming back. Aside from bearing the brunt of a few jokes, sending an accidental email can be far more serious than you think, employees have often faced disciplinary action or worse still been fired on the back of bad mouthing a co-worker and sending it to that very person. It take but a few seconds to check the recipient of an email, and it could just save both your career and your dignity.

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