Thursday, 27 November 2014

In Case of Emergency

I have never really been one to put anything on credit, well... Until 2014 swung around. This year I have definitely been treating myself a little more than I usually would. Maybe it was getting my act together and dropping a whole dress size that spurred me into practically replacing my entire wardrobe? Some of it I paid for upfront, and others I put on a shiny new store card that I have been paying off gradually. It felt amazing being able to shop just for me, as all my clothes had seen better days, and aside from Leo getting a new wardrobe each time he outgrew the old one, no one else saw anything new! 

I had promised myself that when I did get back into my size 8's I would take myself on a proper shopping trip. And boy did I do that! I had to replace a lot of my underwear because not only had I dropped a dress size, but also a bra size. I think when you are focusing on getting somewhere with your health and fitness levels then you need something visual and exciting to look forward to. For me I focused on the shopping, and this made me focus less on the fact that I was no longer eating chocolate, and drinking Coca Cola!

I would say that NEEDING a new wardrobe is sort of emergency, I couldn't very well walk around with my trousers slipping down to my knees could I? I have never owned a credit card, but this new store card I took out does act as one within certain stores. Now that is all paid off I am avoiding using it again, I do like knowing that once I have an item, it is bought and paid for straight away. My usual mind set tells me that if I can't afford it... I shouldn't have it.

Aside from my new found shopping addiction that I am now trying to curve... (I shall be resisting those new boots I have been eyeing up!). I have actually made the biggest purchase I have ever made. In July I said goodbye to my Peugeot 206, and welcomed my Mini Cooper S Convertible into my life, I put a nice deposit down and sourced a finance deal to help me make it more affordable. I drastically needed a new car, so this was actually a great buy. It was practical and gave me the car I had always longed for. 

I am now paying a monthly direct debit for my Mini and think the set up is ideal, it's affordable and has even give me a new sense of confidence in driving. I am driving further a field, and for people who know me this is un-heard of. I am actually quite a nervous driver and have never driven on the motorway. I expect that will be changing in the coming months as my confidence grows, and I actually feel like the time has come to just do it!

2014 really has been the year for change and growing. It has seen me reach for the stars and push the boundaries, and as 2014 comes to a close and 2015 opens, I get the feeling the only way is up.

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