Thursday, 18 December 2014

Holiday Plans

With the New Year nearly upon us we are in the midst of the final Christmas preparations, and it won't be long before the Summer holiday adverts hit our television screens, usually as early as boxing day. As we didn't get a holiday this year I am absolutely determined to get something booked up for the Summer of 2015, somewhere warm and sunny where we can kick back as a family and enjoy a brand new adventure.

Leo has been abroad twice in the last 3 years, the first time was when he was a mere 5 months old and the experience was a doddle. He contently lay in my arms for the few hours we were in the air and didn't know any different. The second time we flew back in 2013 however... He was two years old and keeping him still and in his seat was much more of a mission. Suffice to say that the early morning flight we were on seemed to go on forever, and as I couldn't shut my eyes while Leo was trying to perform a 007 mission to escape his seat... I stayed awake the entire time willing him to succumb to half an hours sleep. That never happened...

Before Leo's arrival 3 years ago, Luke and I loved to book holidays and visit different areas of the world. The biggest holiday we jetted away for was a fortnight in Egypt, where we stayed all inclusive in Nama Bay and enjoyed the sights of the Red Sea. We even hopped on a 8 hour bus ride to Cairo to see the Pyramids, and what a experience that was. We absolutely loved our time in Egypt and it is somewhere that we would happily go back to with Leo now he's a bit older.

We are currently thinking about holiday's for 2015 and Egypt does seem to be tempting us back, I have even been having a look at some package deals departing from Gatwick Airport, and having a look at hotels that are within close proximity to the airport so that we can have a more relaxed flying experience. Most of the flights depart in the early hours of the morning, and living 2 hours away from the airport, I want to take as much stress out of the equation as I possibly can. The Holiday Inn London Gatwick Airport offers great value for money and is just 5 minutes drive to the airport. You can leave your car in their secure car park and take the shuttle in, and this idea is definitely tempting me!

The only aspect of going back to Egypt in the New Year that puts me off is the flight time, at around 6 hours it is a long time to try and entertain a excited preschooler, but the end destination will more than make up for that. It all comes down to making sure you have lots of different activities to keep little one's entertained, and with Leo getting a Nintendo DS for Christmas, this is just one of many ways in which we can keep him entertained... And in his seat!

This year we will most certainly jetting away somewhere as a family of 3, I feel it is well deserved and will be a real first with us just going abroad as our own individual family unit. It is time to start hunting out the Summer holiday deals, booking some time off work and saving for a family holiday of a life time!

Are you jetting away anywhere in the New Year!?

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