Thursday, 16 July 2015

Custom Tee's from Lush T-Shirts

Summer holidays, tropical waters, blue skies and sandy shores...It's easy to let the mind wander, let the soft sea breeze blow you towards that white sandy beach as the palm trees sway from side to side. I find it hard to believe that I have only been back off my holiday a month, but those memories already seem like a life time ago.

Time goes by to quickly in paradise...

It got me thinking back to my 'younger days', I know, I am 25.. But I am a 25 year old with responsibility, with a little boy who needs me in so many different ways. What I am trying to say is, there are certain experiences that I never really got around to, and one of those experiences is the larger than life girls holiday.

It's not something I kick myself about by any means, but I guess if things were different it would have definitely been something I would have done. Something I would have enjoyed. 

When I have jetted off on my family holiday's, I have watched these young girls in their matching t-shirts as they hustle around picking up the last bits and pieces they need for their week in Ibiza. I have always lusted after their matching outfits, the preparation that they have put into jetting away together, the excitement exuding off them.

Lush T-shirts have a number of custom designs perfect for jetting away on holiday. Whether it's for a break with the boys or a handful of your favorite ladies, they have something for every occasion. There is so much choice even in the customer shirts that they stock, and that's before you even begin customizing your own!

Here are a selection of my favorites:

I was very recently at a rather special sporting event, Kayla Itsines came to London as part of her very first world tour. A number of the girls in attendance had personalized work out tops made up with a few of the popular hashtags that get used online #SweatWithKayla #DeathByKayla, and I remember thinking how I wished that I had thought ahead and done exactly that.

I will definitely be remembering Lush T Shirts for the future, and if I ever do make it on a girls week away, or Kayla makes a return to the capital.. I will be making a order.

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