Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Meerkat Movies 2 for 1 Cinema Tickets

Meerkat Movies 2 for 1 Cinema Tickets

My teenage years were full of cinema trips, and this was especially true on a Wednesday when the Orange Wednesday 2 for 1 ticket scheme was in place. It really did help as a student, and I always looked forward to seeing the latest films in the cinema setting. Of course all good things come to an end, and it was recently announced that Orange Wednesday...Is no more.

It was a sad day when EE pulled their socks up and closed the door, because even today when I am grown and pulling my very own socks up, cinema dates on a Wednesday evening was a great way to break up the working week and spend time with friends.

You can imagine the smile on my face when stepped up to the mark, they have given cinema fanatics reason to smile again. They have given me reason to look forward to Wednesday's again! 

You see have launched a brand new reward scheme known as Meerkat Movies, it can be accessed in the form of a smart phone app and will provide users with 2-for-1 cinema tickets every Tuesday and Wednesday! How great is that!?

The app is available to download now from the Apple or Android store and can be used by any customers who have purchased a qualifying product through in the last 12 months. 

There are a number of different types of products you can purchase through the comparison site which qualifies the use of the Meerkat Movies App:

By taking out Home/Content Insurance, Car Insurance, Motorcycle insurance, Van Insurance, Pet Insurance, Landlord Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Taking out a Credit Card, Obtaining a loan, Switch your energy provider, TV and Broadband supplier. 

It's so easy to use the app and get your movie reward, all you have to do is download the app and follow the instructions. Once you have your voucher you can then use it every Tuesday and Wednesday at your local supporting cinema. I for one am really looking forward to making the most of the blockbusters hitting the silver screen over the summer. I will be able to make use of it with Leo for the likes of Minions and Inside Out, and of course for the more grown up tastes...*Cough* Magic Mike *Cough*.

Enjoying movies and saving money? That's got to be a winner right!

You can download the Meerkat Movies App right here.

Happy cinema going fellow Meerkats!

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