Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Would you travel without the kids?

'Would I travel without Leo?' It's a question that I have been thinking about a lot recently. With Leo starting school in September and the opportunity to actually travel being resigned to school holidays and premium prices.. It does make the answer to that question lean more toward 'yes' than it does 'no'.

The idea of flying solo does seem more appealing these days. In no way am I saying that I would just want to travel on my own, but there are occasions that I think a week away just for me would be ideal. A week completely to myself at a hotel with no children for instance. That does seem pretty appealing, no children, a good book and a cocktail That to me is a ready made heaven. 

I have been considering a break for November time, just to catch a few sun rays and to un-wind. I could take advantage of the low cost breaks outside of the school holiday's and just take several days for me. How long do you think is to long to be away? Would you consider a week? Or have you actually taken a break on your own?

MyVoucher Codes have recently looked  into parents holidaying habits and have found that, when asked, 22% of parents would prefer to go onholiday without their children. For me I don't think this is to out there, sometimes grown ups need some time to just be grown ups. Of course family holidays are amazing, and I loved nothing more than taking Leo to Tunisia. We had such an amazing week, and it was such an amazing learning experience for him. It provided Leo the opportunity to see an entirely different culture and way of life. I can't wait to take him away again and show him more secrets of this big wide world we live in. 

In an ideal world I would love to take Leo on a two week break each year, I prefer traveling a little further than Spain and seeing far away lands. I would love to take Leo to the Caribbean, America and The Gambia. Each offer something so different and unique that I think he would really thrive on. Of course if I ever did jet away on my own, I would never be able to take any longer than a week, and a week at a real push. I love the idea of it but I know that I would miss him terribly and feel so guilty for actually going. So the question is still a little up in the air for me, would I travel without Leo? Maybe. Maybe I would.

Mark Pearson founder of My Voucher Codes, commented on the findings, he said:

“We can understand some parents feeling like they need a break from their children and holiday without them, however we don’t know how happy the kids would be, being left behind. It’s interesting to see that those happy to go on a summer holiday with their children would also like a shorter break away without children, factoring in partner time. Which can be easy to forget when you have a family.”
Would you travel without the kids? I would love to hear your responses!

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