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6 Tips for Creating a Healthier Workplace

6 Tips for Creating a Healthier Workplace
The concept of keeping the workplace safe is universal; almost every workplace has a safety induction that’s imperative before starting a new job. Advertisements abound on television and in print media telling us to watch out for hazards or to be prepared for a surprise visit from the safety inspector. Amongst all this, the promotion of healthier workplaces is frequently drowned out. But it’s widely recognised that a healthy workplace is just as important as a safe one. Here are six tips for creating a healthier workplace for you and your colleagues.

1. Keep it Clean

Keeping your workplace clean and tidy can go a long way towards maintaining good health in the workplace. For example, make sure staff eat in designated lunchrooms instead of at their desks, and roster staff or professional cleaners to keep the lunchrooms free of food scraps, spills and garbage. It doesn’t take long for unpleasant odours to build up and disease to spread in neglected eating spaces.

I also find that it makes me more pro-active, I am always more keen to work when I know that my desk is ready and waiting for me to just pop the screen on my laptop.

2. A Dollop of Gel

It’s been well over a century now since it was discovered that the simple act of washing your hands with soap does wonders for stopping the spread of disease. Recent years have seen the advent and growing popularity of antibacterial hand gels that serve the same purpose and are claimed to kill 99.9% of bacteria on your hands for the next few hours. Just put a dollop on your hands and rub it in to help prevent the spread of harmful germs.

3. Leave it at Home

If you’re genuinely ill and not keen on spreading what ails you, why not stay home until the contagion has passed? You’ll recover faster and be doing your colleagues a favour by not infecting them. Diseases like colds and flu can spread like wildfire through a workplace and seriously hamper productivity and morale.

There is nothing worse than heading into work when you are under the weather, and you definitely won't be everyone's favorite person by the end of the day if you do!  

4. Sit up Straight

Remember those strict teachers back in the day telling you to maintain a good posture at your school desk? Despite the harsh demeanour, they were offering some good advice. Maintaining a good posture helps to reduce fatigue and lessen the likelihood of workplace injuries such as chronic back and shoulder pain. And sitting up straight makes you look more professional, too. Experts such as DRA Safety Specialists can offer advice on ways to reduce the risks of injuries related to poor posture.

5. Let it All Out

The pressures of work can accumulate and compound with other issues to create stress that can negatively affect your overall health and wellbeing. People have different ways of releasing pent-up up stress that may include regular exercise, taking an extended break or just talking to someone who’ll listen. Many companies have recognised the benefits of good mental health and sponsor staff going through difficulties to attend counselling sessions. Why not find out whether your company does this?

6. Have a Laugh

Laughter is one of nature’s stress busters, as famous doctor Patch Adams ably demonstrated. Adding a dose of humour to the workplace without detracting from work can be a great way to reduce work-related stresses and create a productive environment. Perhaps something as simple as circulating a funny quote or joke of the day can lighten the mood – all authorised and safe for work, of course.

This is just a small selection of tips for creating a healthier workplace. Why not leave your own suggestions below?

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