Thursday, 13 August 2015

Be Creative Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom

Decorating children’s bedrooms can be a tricky task. Ask them what they want one minute and it’ll be Peppa Pig wallpaper but then two minutes later it will have changed to something like Spiderman bedsheets, the polar opposite.

Finding a balance between a décor which they won’t hate a week after redecorating and one that fits in well with the rest of your home and won’t make selling the property later a nightmare is hard. Be creative in you and your child’s approach to decorating their room and a good compromise of the two can be found.   

Stick to a Theme
Try to put them off a character based theme as kids can quickly grow out of these, which will lead to demands for redecorating soon after. Instead think of a more general idea which can use neutral colours and doesn’t require brash wallpaper, but one which your children agree with.
This could be a pirate theme, with blue and white wallpaper or a woodland one with a lot of green. Sticking to the theme with all items and decoration can be a creative challenge which doesn’t have to be too complicated and, when done well, forms an attractive room even you will want to sleep in.  

Include Essential Items
Thinking about designs for the walls and carpet can mean you forget about some of the other furnishings required in every bedroom. The bed is usually the focal point so choosing a practical yet attractive option is essential.

Midsleeper beds from Charlie’s Bedroom offer a great solution as there is space under them which can be used creatively to fit with many themes. With a pirate or ocean theme it would be easy to transform the bed into a boat. Other fixtures such as chairs, tables and lights can all be incorporated into the style.   

Let Them Decorate
Allowing children to be creative and express themselves is incredibly important, so getting them fully involved with the designing and decorating is a great idea. Provide a guiding hand, especially if you’re very house proud, to keep things relatively clean and you may be surprised by some good ideas they come up with.

If you’re a bit more relaxed about the room then leaving a wall or space clear and letting them loose with stickers or paint is a great way to unleash their creativity. This does possess an element of danger and it’s important to make sure it can be covered up in the years to come. 

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