Thursday, 13 August 2015

Make Your Bathroom Child Friendly

Bathrooms can be fairly dangerous places for young children. You should never leave them alone in the bath given the chance of slipping and the unthinkable happening. While it may be tempting to go with them every time, children do need to build up a sense of independence.  
A better and more convenient option is to design and revamp your bathroom in a child friendly manner. So if you’ve moved into a new home, have children on the way or just want to make your bathroom child friendly there are a few aspects you should pay attention to.  

Safety is the most important element when renovating your bathroom. There are obvious things such as putting a padlock on cupboards containing cleaning materials and medicine, no matter how high up they are as kids can be crafty. There are many other hazards which adults take for granted that could be harmful for young children.

Install safety devices on the hot tap to limit the maximum temperature and prevent scalding. Kids like to swing on things so choosing a heavy duty plastic or safety glass shower door (rather than flimsy plastic curtain) is best. Likewise ensure you have a firmly attached basin with no risk of it coming loose if they treat it as a climbing frame.  

Your bathroom should be welcoming to everyone and there are a few changes that make it easier for children to use without hampering your experience. Older houses often have hard to turn door handles. Replace them with sleek modern ones or use a doorstop to leave it open.
Tap handles can also be replaced with new levers which require far less effort to turn, encouraging children to wash their hands and brush teeth. Buying a small stool or two so they can reach the toilet, sink and climb into the bath will help. Pick one that is strong and can fold away so nobody trips over it.     

Another part of making the bathroom welcoming is in its design. It is important to teach the benefits of hygiene to children so making it a room they feel comfortable in will help. Maintaining an adult feel too is possible by adding a few aquatic stickers or choosing tiles along a fun theme, such as underwater or the beach.

Thankfully there are plenty of colourful bathroom items available which will appeal to children and adults alike. Soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, towels and flannels should all be purchased with children in mind. This will all create a true family bathroom that everyone enjoys spending time in.

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