Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The one with the Mini Cooper

It's been over a year since I welcomed my little Mini Cooper into my life, 13 months of joyful driving and not forgetting that when the sun is shining, I only have to pop the roof to draw a big smile to my face. It really is the car that my dreams are made of. 

I could never have afforded to buy my car out right, I have to many other necessities that need to be paid for, bills and just life in general. That's the precise reason that I decided to look into a finance package, of course it was all dependent upon my credit rating. I have never really been one to flash the credit card (In fact I don't actually even have one!) and it is only in recent years that I have even looked into Very (Although we are now very, very well acquainted!). 

For me though the idea of being able to get a car that was going to be reliable and substantially newer than any of the predecessors, was worth it's weight in gold. My old car was starting to cost me a small fortune in faults and failed MOTs and it was high time to look into something that was going to help me get from A to B without a new problem popping up out of thin air.

You can find out your credit score with Experian, so while I waited to hear back from the finance company I decided to do just that. As expected I was a gleaming example of good credit, with no red flags, so I allowed myself at this point to get a little bit excited. I may actually get to drive away in my shiny new car. 

That same afternoon I got a call with the news I had been hoping for. I had been approved for the finance package. The car had been reserved in my name and I could pick it up the very next day. This car for me was so many things, it was the very first car in all of the years of driving that I had actually genuinely desired. It was a car that was pristine inside and out and it was a car that I was going to love and look after.

Now the year hasn't been without the odd bump or two in the road (I only have to cast my mind back to last month and the £600 garage bill that came my way...) but I still love that little car of mine. I still enjoy driving it as much as that very first day, and the sense of satisfaction I get when I put my foot down on a dual carriage way gets me every time. 

With 3 years left on my finance agreement I know that I am going to continue to enjoy the driving experience that comes with it. When the deal comes to an end I don't think I will be in any rush to replace her, but I guess that is something that I will address when the time comes.

Have you ever purchased a car on finance?

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