Thursday, 10 September 2015

A sweet way to seal a romance


Many wedding have themes and they are often reflected in the style of outfit, the colour of the decoration and the food served. When friends and relatives wed it’s wonderful to see the way they show their individual personality through the biggest day of their lives.

One theme which is popular at the moment is to centre the day around childhood sweets. There are a number of ways to treat guests to a trip down memory lane with fantastic ideas for creating a candy-coloured wonderland as part of the event.

Overall idea
Often tied in with vintage clothing such as tea dress length gowns for the bride, a sweet wedding theme encompasses colours such as bright pastels pinks and lots of sugary accents.

Everything from the table displays to the food served has the theme of childhood memories running through it and guests are always amazed at the thought displayed about every aspect of the day. Rooms often have 1950s decorations such as paper chains and gingham cloth and it’s then about finding ways to express the love of childhood sweetshop memories through the tailoring of the:

-          Reception  menu
-          Wedding cake
-          Favours
-          Table decorations

Reception menu
A wedding with the over-riding theme of childhood sweets means a menu to match. Creating a Willy Wonka-esque feast can easily be achieved through the serving of a series of popular puddings; either with a school dinner theme such as cornflake tart and bread and butter pudding or desserts from around the world.

There are restaurants which specialise in pudding nights so there are a number of caterers who are always happy to put together a complementary evening of delights. The meal will always see diners full of excitement between each glorious course and smiling from ear to ear as they scoop up sticky toffee pudding and pour on extra smooth hot custard.

When it comes to snacking during the live band and disco, having a table full of traditional wicker sweet hampers groaning with traditional goodies mean that guests will never go hungry and they can indulge in all their favourite treats as they dance the night away.

Wedding cake
When it comes the wedding cake, having a sweet theme means it’s a creative dream come true for the person tasked with creating the wedding centrepiece. It’s the chance to use all the traditional penny sweets such as white mice, cola bottles, lollies and boiled sweets to decorate the cake and to then present a towering representation of the ultimate trip to the shop with a handful of pocket money.

Chocolate coins, foiled caramel love hearts or white paper bags packed full of sherbet or sugar covered almonds, there are many ways to create a childhood sweetshop bag of wonder to give to each guest as a token of thanks for being part of the day. For many, they will be taken back to a time when opening the little bag was akin to lifting the lid on a treasure trove as there was no way of knowing what was inside; favours presented in this way are quirky and fun and always bring a smile to the face of every guest.

Table decorations
Real or silk flowers can be replaced with cleverly crafted sugar paste work, marzipan-sculpted stems or even vases full of long-stemmed, brightly coloured lollipops.  Creating a bouquet as each centrepiece is quick and easy to achieve by using a ball of floral oasis and then inserting dozens of covered traffic light coloured lollies. It’s the perfect way to unleash the imagination and know that the flowers can then be gleefully eaten during the evening or taken home for another day.

Taking everyone back to a time of never-ending summer sunshine and days which were filled with play and adventure whilst at the time celebrating the joining together of two people in love is the perfect recipe for a wedding never to be forgotten. Childhood sweets hold wonderful memories for all and combining them as part of a time of joy means it’s even more likely to be an occasion to be talked about for years to come. 

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