Monday, 26 October 2015

A classy guide to lighting your home for Christmas

While decorating your tree and festively accessorising your home to perfection are essential activities in getting your house prepared for Christmas, the lighting you choose at this time of year also requires some careful thought. Take a look at this useful guide for tips on how to keep your house looking stylish yet seasonal this winter.

Simple solutions

If you’re keen to keep your house looking festive yet sophisticated this Christmas time, simplicity is key. To maintain an element of class, you may want to opt for warm-toned lighting solutions featuring white or yellow bulbs and steer clear of illuminations of the multicoloured variety. Also be sure to have an even distribution of lighting throughout your home. Avoid making the mistake of cramming too much into one room. It’s best to keep your spaces well-lit without going overboard.

Atmospheric additions

While it’s cold and gloomy outside, you’ll want to make sure the interior of your house is cosy and snug. The lighting you choose can have a huge impact on the atmosphere of any room, so perhaps go for illuminations that radiate a gentle glow in order to achieve an enticing and homely environment. For example, you could simply add a floor lamp to the corner of a room. As mentioned by experts the Lighting Superstore, this can create the perfect reading area where you can curl up with a book as the chilly winter nights draw in. Alternatively, you might find dimmer switches useful when trying to perfect the ambience in your abode.

Inventive illuminations

Christmas is the perfect time for you to get creative with not only your home decor, but your lighting too. There are a whole host of unique ways you can incorporate lighting into your home to make it feel extra festive without having to compromise on elegance. For example, you could pop some twinkly string fairy lights into a large glass vase, or entwine them around your bannisters. You could even use them to line the inside of your windows to make your house appear more inviting than ever. This a great option if you’re looking to create a subtle yet magical festive charm. In fact, there are a multitude of inventive ways to incorporate these illuminations into the various rooms within your house.

Taking some of these simple suggestions into account before you deck your halls this Christmas might help you create the perfectly festive home you’ve always wished for.

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