Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Don't take life to seriously

21st birthday party

I keep it no secret that I am perhaps the biggest kid to walk the planet, I don't take life to seriously and I will always find a way to smile through whatever is thrown my way, that is one of my most positive qualities, and I can see that, and I am proud of it.

My outlook on life keeps me feeling young, it keeps me happy and contented. Young being the operative word, as my entire being still feels as though I am only 18 years old (and not 26...But I guess as I still get ID'd to this very day.. I am not alone in thinking that I look young..)

I have been casting my mind back over the last couple of years this week. Birthday's that have come and gone, celebrations we have held, holidays we have taken... And it really makes me feel proud of all that we have done, all that we have achieved. 

A poignant moment that really stands out for me was my 21st birthday bash, if you were to turn up to it you would have most likely thought that you had arrived at the wrong place. You see for my 21st birthday I hired a adult bouncy castle and invited those nearest and dearest to me to help me celebrate in...well..style! 

I had gone round and round in circles about how I should celebrate such a special birthday, but as budget was a real factor in everything that I was considering and I knew that I only needed my friends and loved ones to be around me to enable me to have a good time.. This quite honestly seemed like the most fantastic idea ever.

21st birthday party

I looked into a number of different venues when I was processing the different ideas I had. A sit down meal at a local luxury hotel with generous amounts of Champagne to keep us going through the night. A night away with the best friend at a spa where again their would be more Champagne than you could shake a stick at... But budget seemed to crop up at every hurdle. 

In the end I decided that the perfect venue would be at my parents house, they have a decent sized garden, and with my birthday falling in August, it meant that we could potentially have the weather on our side, and of course an adult bouncy castle as the main attraction was the only obvious solution. 

I sent out the invitations and the party idea seemed to be a hit. The budget was met and actually came in under as all I really had to pay for was the bouncy castle, and the party food. Guests were invited to bring their own bottles of drink and enjoy themselves, and that is exactly what happened.

The day of the party arrived and the weather was completely on side,  I got to be the biggest kid in a wide audience of... big kids. 

The realisation of having such an un-traditional 21st birthday bash was that I didn't need to spend a fortune to have a good time. The memories that I made that day still put a smile on my face today, and I know that I didn't have to break my budget and empty my pockets in order to achieve it.

I may always be a big kid with a cheesy smile on my face, but it get's me through anything and everything that life can throw my way.

21st birthday party

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