Wednesday, 7 October 2015

How to Transform Your Home to a Haunted House This Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching. Are you getting into the spirit of things? Halloween is becoming a key festival in the UK. As we start to copy our American cousins, houses are getting more and more creatively spooky and fancy dress costumes are becoming more and more elaborate.

First Impressions

You’ve got the Jack o’Lantern on your doorstep and a tub of goodies ready for trick-or-treaters. Perhaps you’ve got some mulled wine simmering on the stove and some ghoulish decorations on the front door. Don’t forget the inside of your house, especially if you’re planning to entertain guests. Why stop at decorating the exterior of your house when there's so much you can do inside?

Creating Thrilling Interiors

If you’ve got kids, there are so many ideas you can use to turn your home into a house of horrors. Lots of high street shops now stock a huge range of Halloween themed products, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. It might help to pick a theme first, such as Dracula’s Castle or a Spooky Cemetery, and then choose the decorations as it will be far more effective. Fake cobwebs, plastic bugs, and creepy noises will help keep guests on their toes.

It’s even more fun and a lot cheaper to make your own decorations. Plenty of inspiration can be found online. Sites such as Pinterest are a really good place to start if you’re short of ideas. Perhaps you can start with some paper bats hanging from the ceiling. If you’re not artistically confident, you can print outlines from art and craft websites and cut them out of black card; these are simple and effective hanging from a thread as they bob about in the air. Spooky!

And obviously, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without some pumpkin carving. Get the whole family involved and do one each. Once you’re finished you’ll have a whole family of spooky pumpkins to display. If your children are too little, as an alternative you could let them draw spooky faces on a few oranges instead. A great little table centre.

Decorating your child’s Parisot bunk bed

If your children are old enough or brave enough not to be scared by ghoulish creatures in their bedroom, how about turning their bedroom into a dastardly den? If they’ve got a cabin bed or bunk bed from Parisot or indeed any other retailer, you can even turn their bed into a spooky hideout. Why not hang some of those bats you made from the side rails or drape some cobwebs across to form a creepy curtain? You could make a curtain out of a sheet and stick decorations onto it, perhaps even sewing them on if you are so inclined. Your kids might even want to have a Halloween sleepover with their friends. Make sure you’ve got snacks at the ready for a spooky late-night feast!

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