Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Child Proofing your Christmas Decorations

Child Proofing your Christmas Decorations

Christmas with children is exciting. 

You’ve gone all out on presents to make it extra special for your little one, but you’ve also realised that they’re incredibly inquisitive and they want everything in their hands (or their mouths). So, you need to child proof your Christmas decorations. Here, we take a look at a few ways of making sure that you don’t have any trips to A&E over the festive period.

The Tree
Your Christmas tree is at risk of tipping over when little hands come a-grabbing. Secure the trunk of yours to a wall with wire and an eye hook, or block the tree off completely with a safety gate. Try to keep your ornaments to the top half of the tree, where they are out of reach of toddlers. Avoid using glass or breakable baubles, and use ribbon to hang them instead of hooks, just in case your child gets a hold of one.

If you think it will help quench your child’s curiosity, allow them to touch the tree under your careful supervision until it’s just not interesting any more. Adding bells to the tree will help you to hear if she touches the tree when you’re not there. 

For the very concerned, consider just having a fibre-optic tree that changes colour for a simple, safe and effective Christmas tree.

If you like to light candles, then swap them for LED candles like these contemporary styles from Lighting Styles for a much safer option, and go for a room spray in the festive scent of your choice.
You should also avoid table cloths and runners if you can. Children love to pull on things that dangle down, which could potentially be very dangerous. Alternatively, you can secure them (the table cloth, not your children…) using pegs or binder clips. 

Check the wires of your lights for fraying or broken plugs before putting them up, and minimise the amount of strands that hang within a little one’s reach.

Presents are oh so enticing, but they also contain lots of potential choking hazards, like wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. Once they’re open too, packaging parts can be hazardous too – so make sure that you’re quite vigilant when it comes to these too.

Get Them Involved

Christmas doesn’t have to be concern all around, and there are lots of different ways that you can get small children involved in the Christmas decorations. Pinterest has lots of inspiration for you and your kids to create decorations that you’ll treasure for years to come.  

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