Friday, 27 November 2015

Lighting the outside of your home in winter

When it comes to winter, making sure your home is well lit is essential. With the darker nights drawing in earlier and earlier it’s the right time to get your outdoor lighting sorted. There are so many reasons to increase your outdoor lighting in winter, especially when you have children.

We all worry about our security in the home and although it’s highly unlikely that something will ever happen, it’s better to be as prepared as possible. With it being so dark outside it becomes easier for people to access your property without being seen. A brightly lit home it much less likely to be targeted by thieves and knowing that your home is well lit will also increase how safe you and your family feel inside it.

When you have children being able to see where you’re going is pretty important. It’s best to be prepared with sufficient outdoor lighting to avoid any mishaps in the dark such as slips, trips and falls. We all know how stressful it can be sometimes just getting from the car to the door, especially when you’re trying to carry the shopping too! There’s often dropped hats and scarves on the floor and plenty of things which could cause a tumble so making sure pathways are clearly lit is really important.

Obviously it’s always essential to light up potential hazards with ground lighting such as steps, ponds and decking to avoid accidents but it also can look really pretty.  

Most families enjoy spending a lot of time in the garden, especially in the summer months and with working hours being so long in the winter it’s unlikely you’ll get to spend much time all together in the day light. But, with amazing outdoor lighting you’ll be amazed how beautiful your outdoor space can look and how enjoyable it can be to spend time out there in the winter months. Obviously, it’s advisable to invest in some comfortable garden furniture and outdoor heaters too, so you don’t catch a chill. But with LED candle lights and well placed post lighting you can create a lovely ambience, you’ll not want to go inside.

Remember, it gets dark around 5pm now and sometimes even earlier throughout December and January so it’s best to sort out your outdoor lighting now. If you want to make your garden look even prettier, adding some outdoor fairy lights always does the trick. 

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