Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Looking for a childcare centre? Here are some tips

When you are exploring options and considering a childcare centre for your child to attend, it’s important to know what separates the good from the bad. As a parent, you want the best for your child and not all childcare centres are created equal. Among other factors, you should pay close attention to hygiene and cleanliness, the extent to which children are engaged in meaningful learning activities and the emphasis placed on open, informative communication with parents.
Follow these tips when searching for a good childcare centre:

1. Make Sure the Centre is Clean and Well-maintained

Germs are easily spread throughout childcare centres and epidemics of illness can be quite common with children interacting a confined space. You should expect a quality childcare centre to be clean, hygienic and well-presented. To this end, companies such as AMC Commercial Cleaning reduce the burden on childcare centre operators and staff by carrying out thorough cleaning services. The difference that quality cleaning can make to a childcare centre should not be underestimated on aesthetic, hygienic and sanitary levels.

2. Reputation Does Count – Look for a Centre with a Good Reputation

When choosing the right place for your child or children, trust your instincts and ask others for their feedback, thoughts and opinions. As you try to choose a great childcare centre, the insights of others who have actually experienced the service is invaluable. Ask parents and staff of the centre plenty of questions, read reviews and enquire about accreditation results and achievements. Don’t be afraid to also follow your instincts about a particular centre; first impressions can count for a lot.

3. Clear Policies and Procedures

Flexibility is an important feature of a quality child care centre. A good centre will allow you to pick up and drop off your child at times that fit with your schedule and your needs. However, a quality childcare centre will also have clear and established regulations and procedures in place that cover many different areas, from hours of operation to crisis management. Written copies of these documents should be accessible in the centre. Staff should be well acquainted with policies and completely confident with the processes they’re involved in.

4. An Engaging and Stimulating Curriculum

The highest quality childcare centres are those that have carefully and thoughtfully structured schedules that include plenty of opportunities for play, psychical activity, group activities, quiet time, meals, snacks and free time. Also, the most effective childcare centres will encourage the individuality and uniqueness of your child. The very best centres will nurture their interests and creative abilities, respect them as an individual and provide you with plenty of opportunity to keep updated on your child’s/children’s progress and behaviour at the centre.

When looking for a childcare centre, pay close attention to what the centre can provide you and your child/children. The more holistic, responsive, caring and supportive a childcare centre is, the more rewarding the experience will be for your child.

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