Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A Crafty Christmas

I think we can all admit to hating the Christmas shopping. Stressful, exhausting and a massive drain on the finances - as well as a painful experience if you have little ones in tow -  we wonder each year why we put ourselves through it.

But rather than face the crowds and the hellish high street, why not save yourself a few pennies and make your Christmas gifts more personal.

By taking some inspiration from the good old internet, there are now loads of ideas out there that can help you get creative and craft together gifts that are not only more fun and appreciated, but that have that personal touch.

The best bit is that rather than having the kicking, screaming gremlins that the children turn into whilst out shopping, you can get them involved in creating these crafty gifts and keep the smiles on their faces. 

A Crafty Christmas

The Sugar Addict

We all have that certain someone who has addiction to the sweet stuff, and this can be the ideal opportunity to renew their stash with some of their favourites.

If you already have an idea of their chocolate or sugary vice, then invest in these along with some retro additions that will remind of them of their childhood.

As well as packaging them up in a kitsch way, why not try and get a little experimental.
Melting their favourite chocolate and then adding sweets, marshmallows and biscuits will create some bespoke chocolates that look like they’ve been bought straight from Hotel Chocolat.

And the best part? Even the little ones can take part in this, as they’ll love spoon out the melted chocolate and sprinkling on the toppings. 

A Crafty Christmas

The Interiors Obsessed

If you have a friend or relative who dreams of being an interior designer and always has a home that looks immaculate, then adding to their humble abode can be a fitting gift.

Designing and making personalised cushions is an easy way to encompass their home style, and gift them something that is truly unique.

Purchasing cushions from a charity shop, and scraps of fabric is very cheap and then all you have to do sew it together!

Making cushion covers is on of the easiest sewing projects for you to teach your little ones, and there are many sewing tutorials online that can guide you through it step-by-step. 

A Crafty Christmas

The Super Sentimental

Whether it’s Grandma, a far-way Aunt, or friend that has more Instagram photos than Kylie Jenner, creating a picture perfect gift is by far the easiest and often the most cherished.
We can all get into the bad habit of posting all of our photographs online rather than printing them out, so whether it’s sending a collection of photos of the family, or creating a memory book for a friend, print out pictures that are meaningful and special, and gift them in a beautiful box such as this one for them to keep forever.

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