Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Four easy and simple New Year Resolutions you should be making to improve your dental hygiene

Each year we all make the up most effort to set some New Year resolutions, and we all know that the majority of them go straight out the window, within say the first 2-4 weeks. So this year, why not set some completely different ones that are not only achievable, but are for the good of our pearly whites? Because at the end of the day would you rather give up and run the risk of having unhealthy teeth or give something different a shot and boast the healthiest smile you’ve had in years!

1.       Make a habit of seeing the dentist! 
(An obvious one we know, but crucial nonetheless)
So few people actually like going to the dentist and generally speaking this is down to the fear factor. We recommend the more of a habit you make of attending check-ups, the less and less reluctant you will become, so by summer ’16 you’ll be skipping back and to, to the dentist.

2.       End your relationship with sugar
This is a really optimistic one, because let’s be honest, completely cutting out sugar may not exactly be realistic. But it’s definitely worth reducing the time you spend with this particular ingredient. No doubt you’ll be all chocolate’d out when the festive period is over, so take the opportunity to kick start the New Year! Try swapping sweets for replacements like a trail mix or the occasional square of dark chocolate to keep balanced (and sane!)

3.       Floss like there’s no tomorrow!
Flossing is so great because it’s one of the most helpful and effective additions to routine to keep your teeth clean, white and healthy. There’s no excuse really, you can buy it pretty much anywhere and it’s super effective in removing the tiny bits of food that a brush can’t get at and that most of the time aren’t even visible. Use this to ensure the most thorough and satisfying clean!

4.       Put an electric toothbrush on your Christmas list, pronto!
With a few more days until the white bearded man slips down your chimney, there is just about enough time to add an electric toothbrush to your list. Then you just have to hope you were on his nice list this year! There have been significant links made between the use of an electric toothbrush and the extensive removal of plaque. Maybe you’ve never used an electric one before, so add this to both your Christmas list and New Year resolutions list and you’ll be sure to see a difference.

So with all the above said, go ahead and enjoy the festive period and the end of the year! Just remember to welcome in the New Year with these really simple and achievable resolutions that will help you see a difference in your dental hygiene in no time!

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