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10 Good Reasons to Visit Cefalù

Trip to Cefalu

Have you ever heard of Cefalù? Located in the northern coast of the beautiful island of Sicily, it is one of the most visited seaside resorts in the province of Palermo. Included in the list of Italy’s most beautiful villages, there are so many good reasons to consider it in your itinerary. If you are traveling with your entire family or on a romantic holiday, you can start checking on local websites such as to find some villas in Cefalù for rent that can accommodate individual needs and provide a comfortable place as your base.

1.                The Rocca – To the Phoenicians who once settled in the area eons of ages ago, it is known as Hercules’ Promontory. With an altitude of 270 meters, it is a spectacular calcareous massive crag which requires visitors a one-hour climb to the top. Medieval walls surround the area at the top. At the very summit, remains of the battlements from a Norman castle can be found. The view of the coast below is striking from this vantage point, with the occasional peregrine falcon to keep you company.

2.                The Cathedral – One of the main tourist sites in the area, it draws people due to its architectural style which is a mix of various cultural influences such as Latin, Norman, Arab, and Greek. The mosaics on golden background are one of the most striking elements to be found there.
3.                The Lungomare Giuseppe Giardina – This is the long beach which is located on the curve below the old town. Swimming, lolling on the beach or afternoon strolls are typical activities with one part of the beach a public area and another part lined with lidos where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds.

4.                The Lavatoio – This is the public laundry in the Middle Ages located in the heart of the city on Via Vittorio Emanuele. This is the area where women gather to wash clothes and bathe. A series of basins line up in an unusual arrangement.

5.                Temple of Diana – Remains of a megalithic temple dedicated to Diana is one of the tourist attractions in Cefalù. It is known as one of the oldest places of worship in all of Europe built by the early native people of Sicily, the Sicans.

6.                Museo Mandralisca – There is a wide range of collections that include history, archaeology paintings and decorative arts. Visit to see the Arab and Greek vases and ceramics and other exquisite artifacts that were found at Lipari, Tindari and Cefalù.

7.                The Church of Purgatory – Having one of the most beautiful facades in the area, the Church of Santo Stefano is so-called due to the large altarpiece depicting Christ giving Eucharist to souls in Purgatory.

8.                The Bastion – This is a remarkable terrace on the sea of Cefalù. On clear days, one can see the Aeolian Islands and a large part of the eastern coastline of Sicily.

9.                Porta Marina – There is a Gothic arch which is the only remaining city gate of the original four that was once used as entrance to the town. From here, one can find the fishermen’s quarter, a beautiful part of the seafront with its colourful old tiny houses. 

10.           Osteria Magno – Roger II’s favorite home, it is characterized by two architectural styles. The facade dates back to the 13th century while the square tower to the 14th century. Completely restored, it is now presently used as a place for art exhibitions and lectures.

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