Monday, 11 January 2016

How Flowers Can Change Your Mood and Attitude

How Flowers Can Change Your Mood and Attitude

Flowers are perhaps the most beautiful part of the natural world. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and scents, and they make most people smile when they see them. But is it possible that flowers can do more than make you happy? Could receiving flowers actually affect your mood in a positive way long-term? Read below to find out, and then perhaps send some flowers to your friends and loved ones.

An Instant Boost of Happy

If you have ever received flowers, you might remember how they made you feel. Perhaps you felt loved and cared about and therefore happier. Flowers are an instant boost of happiness that is mostly universal. Most people like at least one kind of flower. Finding out which one they like and sending them a bouquet can be a great way of telling someone that they matter to you and making them happy as well.

Long-term Positive Effects

Flowers improve people’s moods in the short-term, but there are some very important long-term effects as well. Studies show that people who keep flowers in their homes tend to have a lessening of depression and negative feelings. These people also report an increase in their enjoyment of their lives.

Banish the Morning Blahs

Having freshly cut flowers in your home on a regular basis and looking at them first thing in the morning can help rid you of the early morning doldrums. The brightly colored blooms provide an increase in energy and enthusiasm. This can carry over to your work life. If you are more energetic and enthusiastic at work, your productivity increases. Your increased feeling of joy may also affect your co-workers and foster better camaraderie in your workplace which will lead to a better, healthier environment for everyone, you, your co-workers and even your employer.

Fresh flowers have a positive effect on the lives of everyone who receives them. They brighten up your home, improve your mood and increase your energy levels. Flowers can increase feelings of connection and compassion and may even better your work life as well. They also provide an instant boost of happiness to their lucky recipients, including me. I loved my flowers sent over by the FFE team! So, the next time you receive flowers from a friend or loved one, get ready to reap the benefits of increased emotional well-being.

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