Monday, 29 February 2016

Decorating Tips: Different Ways to Breathe Life into your Bedrooms

Decorating Tips

If you find yourself becoming tired of your dull, lifeless bedrooms then it sounds like it’s time they could do with redecorating. You shouldn’t just dive straight into it though, after all your bedrooms need to be a place that people can feel safe and comfortable; in other words the décor should reflect this.

To give you a little inspiration then, here you’ll find a few different decorating tips that can see you make the most of your rooms and really bring out their potential.

General Décor
Before we look at some different styles there’s a few things you can do to get your rooms ready. Once you’ve emptied the room you should check for the following:

-          Cracks and damage in the walls
-          Any mould or damp deposits
-          Gaps around windows
-          Warped doors and chipped or scuffed paintwork
-          Old and smelly carpets
Should you spot any of the above, you need to rectify these before you start the stylistic work. What you should is:
-          Re-plaster damaged walls, or apply patching plaster to smaller cracks and holes
-          Using a de-mould spray or agent, scrub away any mould patches. Damp needs to be dried out, so keep the room ventilated
-          Using plaster or decorating caulk, fill any holes and gaps around window frames where you can feel draughts
-          Replace or plane any warped doors and paint them with gloss
-          Tear up and get rid of dirty carpets

With the basics sorted, you can now get down to turning your bedrooms into the rooms they deserve to be.

The Natural Look
To bring a natural look to your room, paint in pale colours and fit oak or wood-effect floorboards, doors, skirting boards and window frames. Complement these by adding in wooden furniture such as wardrobes, units and beds like these from BedzRus.

A Blank Canvas
For a nice and neutral look, paint in magnolia and gloss your doors, window frames and skirting boards in white, then fit a pale coloured carpet. Like the description suggests this then allows you to essentially fit out the room in any way you want.

Bright and Cheery
If it’s a room for children, then you should choose some colours that are bright and positive. Yellows, greens and blues are a good option both on the walls and for the carpet; then when you add posters and their toys into the mix they match one another nicely.

It really can be as simple as that! Take this advice and soon your bedrooms will be looking their best.

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