Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Lower your stress levels in 5 simple steps

Between having a career, caring for your family, maintaining relationships and looking after your finances, sometimes, life might leave you feeling overwhelmed and cause your stress levels to soar. To say goodbye to your worries and concerns, here are five simple tips that could help.

1. Try out massage therapy
If you suffer from stress, you might find that massage therapy is a great way to relieve you of your worries. Working to relax the mind and body, massage can help to lessen tension, improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure. There are many different types of massage therapy available, including full-body massages, acupuncture and reflexology. These methods are usually carried out by a trained therapist who specialises in using touch to alleviate tension in particular areas of the body. It is also possible to invest in pieces of furniture that have been specially designed to provide massage sensations, meaning that you can benefit from the same experience in your own home. You can find furniture with inbuilt massage therapy systems on specialist websites such as The beds and chairs featured on this site incorporate a unique NHC-Cyclo-Therapy system that can be operated at the press of a button.

2. Exercise more
When you exercise, your body releases feel good chemicals known as endorphins. So, if you’re feeling tense and stressed, taking part in some physical activity could help shift your mood and help you think more positively. Whether you decide to run, swim or dance, getting your body moving is a great way to reduce your stress levels - and you’ll improve your fitness at the same time.

3. Avoid caffeine
Did you know caffeine is a stimulant? So, while you may feel like a cup of coffee to get you through day, this could actually increase your levels of stress rather than lower them. Instead, you should try swapping these types of drinks for healthier options such as water, herbal teas and fruit juices.

4. Use relaxation techniques
Using relaxation techniques can be a simple yet highly effective way to get your stress levels under control. There are various different methods you could try, such as meditation or breathing exercises. Learning how to relax may not come easily to you at first, but with practice and perseverance, you should find that taking time out of your day to unwind will help your body and mind to de-stress.

5. Talk to someone
Simply talking to someone about your worries could help bring your stress levels right down. Whether it’s your partner, a friend or a work colleague, chatting to someone you trust could help you find solutions to your problems and put your issues into perspective. However, if your stresses are getting in the way of your day-to-day life, you might benefit from speaking to a professional, such as your GP or a trained therapist or counsellor.

Taking a few of these tips into consideration could not only reduce your stress levels, but also help you become a much healthier and happier person.

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  1. I've been feeling the need to find stress relieving activities lately, my children just seem to have the capability to wind me up in two easy steps!! I'm trying to get back into Yoga and think perhaps I should give meditation a go. Wish me luck . . .


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