Monday, 9 May 2016

5 Most Reliable Family Cars for a Long Holiday Road Trip

Family Road Trip

When planning a vacation whether at home or abroad, it is always essential to choose the best car model to suit the needs of both yourself and your family. And whoever the designated driver may be, typical factors such as a comfortable seat, accessories, safety, mileage and speed power are some of the primary considerations. Others of course include an efficient A/R system to ward off the heat of summer days when driving in the Mediterranean regions like Sicily or Central Italy (Rome especially), and plenty of room for your kids in the backseat. Safety measures are of course top on the list, and child safety must always the principal concern for any family. Thankfully there are several car models that fit all these specifications and can carry you through tiring- although exciting- drives across country and that provide you with additional luxuries. 

A Honda CR-V is perfect for children because not only is it sturdy but virtually unbreakable in the interior design. Furthermore, it can be equipped with entertainment screens to keep your kids engaged playing video games or watching movies and cartoons. It may not be the fastest car in the market, but that is also the reason why it is a lot safer than other cars with high capacity engines- and it is a given that you do not want to drive fast when you are traveling with your family.
Or if you are traveling on a budget, choose the Hyundai Elantra Touring: its recent $1800 price-drop is a guarantee that you will save money which you can spend on other luxuries during your holiday (maybe a better motel or hotel even). Its manual transmission option is another plus for drivers who prefer stick-shift to automatic. This car is also economical fuel-wise, and has plenty of space so you really won’t find anything better on the market for the price and specifications. 

Or hire a Grand Voyager that you can find online through this website - one of the top rated platforms for finding the perfect family car and with a vast selection that also includes Ferraris, Porsches and Spiders for a more luxurious vacation trip. The Chrysler Grand Voyager is a luxury 4-wheeler that is large enough to accommodate 7 people, equipped with automatic transmission, GPS system, 75 Lt tank capacity, 185 Km max speed. Its large windows provide an excellent opportunity to admire the scenery as you drive through the best natural or city spots.

The Volkswagen GTI 4-door also comes highly recommended. Its large trunk size makes it perfect for a long family trip that requires lots of luggage, bottled water and bring-along picnic lunches and treats for the kids. It has a spacious interior that you can even sleep in if you want because it is a true haven of comfort and harmony. Its Tartan fabric replaces the outmoded leather interiors and gives it that special classy style.

The Subaro Forester is another excellent choice. Tall windows to enjoy the scenery, 7 comfy seats, large trunk size for everyone, standard back-up camera, the best fuel economy for a SUV that will leave you with enough money to spend so you can enjoy your holiday lavishly and to the fullest, and one of the best safety systems in the world- Eyesight, which applies the brakes automatically when in close proximity to another vehicle-  are the basic components that make this car a comfortable and especially safe choice for a family road trip. Additional buy-ons include heated leather seats, giant sunroof, and automatic climate control.

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