Tuesday, 3 May 2016

6 statement shoes for summer

Summer is on its way – we promise! – and with it the possibility of being able to wear shoes that show off your pedicure, if you’re into that sort of thing. But the fashion world is being very giving when it comes to statement shoes, with tried and tested styles and some new and exciting ones to add to your wardrobe this year.

1. The Ghillie (caged) sandal
Caged sandals look amazing and are going to be big news this summer - but bear in mind they aren’t great when it comes to tan lines. Opt for heeled styles for the evening while flats should be comfy enough to wear all day.

2. The Gladiator sandal
These bad boys have been around for a while now and they aren’t going anywhere now that summer’s nearly here. Opt for a pair that go over the knee for a strong look with small shorts or a mini skirt on warmer days.

3. The Espadrille
What many would consider a beach shoe, a canvas espadrille should be a summer go-to from now and forever. Available in a variety of colours and prints, you could pick up a shoe for every outfit in your wardrobe. Espadrilles are available in flat and heeled styles, but we think flats are the best option for everyday wear – Elle has put together a guide on the ones you need for 2016.

4. The Tassled Heel
Trying to impress that good looking waiter on your Spanish holiday? Then a pair of brightly coloured, tassled heels should catch his attention. Best worn with a little black dress to show off that tan, they’re great for instantly dressing up any outfit and are going to be a popular summer party shoe this year.

5. The Birkenstock
Bear with us, because while most people recoil in horror from the Birkenstock, they’re actually super comfy and all the stylish squads are wearing them – it’s safe to say if Alexa Chung is wearing it, it’s fashionable. Plus, they go with pretty much anything, from that maxi dress you want to wear at the weekend to your skinny jeans and these Superdry leather jackets.

6. The pointed flat
Pointed shoes add a certain elegance and authority to any outfit and are great for summer in flat form, for days in the office in a midi skirt or in the evening while wearing your favourite straight legged trousers. We love the flats with ankle straps available on the high street - mint green or glitter designs are great for the evening and if you want to add a little something to your look.

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