Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Off the beaten track of Thailand

Off the beaten track of Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful location to explore either on your own, with your partner or can even be considered as a destination for holidays for kids. But instead of visiting the same tired old tourist spots, where the crowds and prices can get overwhelming, head to these locations off the beaten track and experience a whole new side to Thailand:

Chiang Mai
Usually visited by intrepid explorers looking to investigate the breathtaking temples or partake in a little zip lining, Chiang Mai isn’t necessarily off the beaten track but is a location less frequented by families.

For those with kids though, the location is worth a visit and The Elephant Nature Park is a top destination. As a family you can volunteer to assist with the everyday care of the resident rescue elephants or stay overnight and experience these incredible creatures in the flesh for two days.

If you have older kids the late night walking market could be a good destination, it’s perfect for those who are adventurous when it comes to food as the stalls lining the street offer traditional thai dishes and snacks to sample and enjoy. It does get busy, so if you have young children it might not be the best choice but it’s definitely worth a visit to soak up the atmosphere.

Koh Lanta
For those families who really want to get away from it all, Koh Lanta is an ideal destination. Other travelers describe it as ‘Phuket and Koh Samui 20 years ago’ as it remains wholly unspoiled and without the troves of tourists on its white sand beaches. Perfect for families who love to explore there are snorkeling and diving trips to sign up for, mangrove forests as well as caves and waterfalls.

It’s a great location for beaches, with Koh Rok Island, Long Beach and Lanta Klong Beach coming up top on Trip Advisor. Kantiang Bay is also worth a visit, rarely overridden with people, it offers everything you could desire when it comes to a beach in Thailand with stunning surrounding landscapes, white sand and clear blue waters.

Try a homestay
More and more people, wishing to enjoy an authentic experience in the country, are signing up for homestays which involve sleeping and living alongside a Thai family in a beautiful location. You will assist them in their day to day tasks as well as eat at their table and experience true Thai cooking. You will also be shown around the local area.

It’s an accommodation option many families don’t necessarily go for but if you’re looking to show your kids another way of life – and perhaps a humbler one than they experience at home with their iPads and TV – it’s the perfect choice.

When it comes to destinations off the beaten the track, Thailand is quickly being taken over by the tourist scene so you may have to look a little harder for locations that aren’t inundated with tourist elements. 

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