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Tips For Being A Safer Driver On The Road

Tips For Being A Safer Driver On The Road

Every time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you take your life and those of your passengers into your hands. Sounds a bit melodramatic? Well, according to statistics, a driver will file an accident claim on average every 17.9 years, so in a 60-year driving career that's three accidents. Here are five tips to avoid these situations and be a safer driver on the road.

Be courteous
A little courtesy goes a long way when it comes to the daily drive. It sounds simple, but courtesy includes things like giving way, allowing other vehicles to merge, not following too closely and generally appreciating everyone would dearly love to get where they want to as quickly as possible, but you can't all do it by racing at once.

Be defensive
There's an old saying: "the most dangerous thing on the roadways is everyone else." It pays to drive defensively with the actions of other people in mind. The bulk of traffic accidents are caused by small mistakes that are magnified by a failure of others to anticipate them. So drive defensively, predicting and pre-empting danger.

Be prepared
Maintaining the safety of your vehicle and knowing what to do in an accident are part of your responsibilities as a driver. Your vehicle should be in perfect working order, with a regular maintenance schedule that checks brakes, steering and tyres.

It's also a good idea to have your insurance details on hand and the contact information for your lawyer. Companies such as The Personal Injury Lawyers offer a no win, no fee service, and if you've been in an accident that isn't your fault, they can assist you in seeking financial restitution for any injury.

Be diligent
Rushing to get to work or school increases your risk of an accident, so make an effort to leave on time or five minutes early. Not only does this make for a safer drive, but it also decreases your stress levels.

Be educated
Even the best drivers could use a refresher course every now and then, so stay up to date on the road rules, and there's no harm in taking a driver course to update your skills.

Safe driving is about being aware, being considerate and being proactive. With just a little effort, education and diligence, you can be the small statistic that's never had the misfortune to be involved an accident.

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