Saturday, 25 June 2016

Crown Lifting

When it comes to gardening I am the first to admit that I leave a lot to be desired. I remember at the old house I decided that I was going to make a go of the garden (A spur of the moment realisation while the sun was shining) and I made a go of attacking the weeds. Annoyingly as I got started I realised that I couldn't actually differentiate between pretty weeds and flowers. I ended up calling the other half at work on and off all day before he finally told me to leave the garden alone...

So that really was the end of my gardening adventure.

My parent's home is set within some generous sized gardens, and within those gardens are some beautiful older trees. Years ago we once had a old Beech Tree at the front of the house. I remember looking up and thinking how amazing it would be to have a tree house up there, but of course the parents were never going to agree to that. Unfortunately the tree got old, and one day we had to have it cut down as it posed a risk of coming down in the wind. 

Crown Lifting
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We do have a number of other trees, and un-like me my parents know that they need to employ people in the know to give them the TLC that they deserve. One of the techniques they have recently implemented is crown lifting. Crown Lifting is an on going management method of pruning (removing soft growth and branches of a tree) that helps to achieve predetermined factors.  The main benefit is that it aids vertical clearance above ground surfaces, which is sometimes essential for council orders or private houses to clear and raise access to public highways and site usage. 

Advanced Tree Services (ATS) specilaise in crown lifting and they work to the following guidelines:

- Crown lift of an individual should not comprise of the removal of more than 15% of the live crown height, and the remaining live crown should not fall beneath 65% of the height of the individual.

- Avoiding crown lifting in mature trees is recommended, as the possibility of stem failure and structural collapse is increased.

- Considerable crown lifting, if promoted over several years of management, is possible if precautions and considerations to both physiological and biomechanical adaptations are met.

personally think the parents did this so that I wouldn't climb the trees... They were always doing their best to keep the tom boy within me and stop me parading up trees in the beautiful dresses they used to put me in. When it comes to gardening we all have our limits, and if in doubt it is definitely worth calling in the experts.

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