Friday, 22 July 2016

How To Keep Your Prized Possessions Safe

How To Keep Your Prized Possessions Safe

We all have possessions that we’d be devastated to lose, either because they have sentimental value to us or are actually worth a quid or two. But how do we keep them safe? Ideally we would have them on us at all times, keeping them in sight to know they are safe, but this wouldn’t be very practical, would it? Instead, you could find them a hiding place so safe that not even you can remember where you last saw a belonging. No good either?  Consider these ideas instead…

The first thing to do is make sure you have insurance. Unfortunately, this won’t replace the ring left to you by your late Grandma, but it will guarantee that expensive items are replaced or compensated for if they are damaged or stolen. Make sure you keep your insurance details handy incase you need to contact your insurer.    

Security when out and about
There are some valuables that we will take out and about with us such as phones, cameras, laptops and so on. Make sure these are security marked as this will make it harder for thieves to sell on and easier for the police to return to you if they are found. You can also record details of your prized possessions here. Don’t leave items unattended, and try not to display them too overtly if you want to avoid them being taken in the first place.

Security at home
Your most prized possession could be something you have on display in your home. Of course, you’ll be reluctant to hide a beloved item away just to make sure it’s safe…else what’s the point in owning it?! But, you do want it to be secure, so consider your home as a first line of defense.

Houses without security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures. Install a visual burglar alarm and a security light, hide all keys out of sight, and keep keys away from letter boxes. Lock all doors and windows whenever you leave the property too.

If you leave the house for any length of time, leave radios and lights on a timer to make the property appear occupied, and remember to remove any valuables from the view of ground floor windows.

Clever home storage
There are many ways to keep your belongings safe within your home with clever storage, such as this product which looks like a dictionary and would fit seamlessly into your bookshelf. It actually secretly stores irreplaceable possessions!

Alternative Storage
Whilst you might want to store some things in your home, you can get storage outside of the home as well. Storage facilities store your items safely and securely – providing 24/7 CCTV security to give you peace of mind and round the clock access so that you can access your items whenever you want to.

There is no way to guarantee that your prized possessions will never get lost, stolen or damaged. However, implementing the ideas above should give you a much better chance of keeping them safe. 

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