Thursday, 21 July 2016

How To Maximise Storage In Your Small Home

Small home

Does it feel like the walls are closing in on you?  If you live in a small home, then it probably does.

Perhaps you have finally saved enough money to get on the property ladder but, due to high house prices, you have had to sacrifice space in order to own your first home. Or maybe you are renting in the capital city in a studio apartment where your bed is practically next to the oven or, even worse you have a cupboard for a room.

Either way, you need to maximise storage in your small home – giving you the space and organisation that you need – to avoid becoming stressed and claustrophobic as the space gets smaller and smaller.

Here are some ideas for doing this…

Multi-functional and foldaway furniture 

The bedroom is often the room that needs the most storage, but has the least amount of space for putting things away. Your bed takes up a huge amount of the room, doesn’t it? Simply swap your current one for an ottoman and you suddenly have a lot more storage space in this room. These beds lift up to reveal a large storage space; perfect for anything you need to tidy away.

Likewise, there are other items around the home that can double up as storage – such as tables and seating. Alongside this you can get items that fold away when you aren’t using them, such as kitchen tables, chairs and nests of tables. 

Think before you buy!

If you don’t have much space in your home then you need to think carefully before you buy anything. Do you really need it? Could you buy something similar that would also give you extra storage space?

Think vertically

In a small home you need to make sure you are making the most of the often wasted wall space, rather than the much needed floor space. This could be shelving or stacker boxes or something a bit quirkier such as side table that hangs from the ceiling.  

Clear stacker boxes

Clear stacker boxes are perfect for storage because you can see what is in them without having to rummage through them all each and every time you need something. Plus, you can easily add to them whenever you need to.

Think outside the box

When it comes to storage you can get as inventive as you like – so think outside the box. Take this piece of art, for example, it is a great addition to your wall but it also opens up to reveal a large space, ideal to neatly organise all your jewellery.

Take advantage of storage outside of your home

While you are working out how to maximise the storage within your small home, have you considered using storage outside of the home to help? You can find storage providers across the UK, which will enable you to remove a large amount of your belongings from your home, without having to throw anything away.

You will be surprised how much space is actually hidden within your small home. 


  1. There are many ways to maximize storage space and the method that I love the most is to go vertical. I utilize racks and shelves to be fixed onto my walls so as to create as much storage space as possible.

  2. The picture here might just be a rendering, but it looks like there is lots of space in that loft because of that sky roof! You'll probably get a better idea of where your storage cabinets and furniture can go in the physical apartment itself though!


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