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Summer Garden Deco Ideas for Small Gardens

Summer Garden Deco Ideas for Small Gardens

Are you thinking that the only garden worth having on a hot summer’s day is a large one? Think again. There’s actually plenty that you can do with a small outdoor space – whether you’ve a rabbit pen of a garden in a busy city centre, a rooftop terrace, or a teeny tiny square in a row of houses, it’s perfectly possible to create an area that feels lovely to spend time in. Get it right (using these summer garden decorating ideas), and you’ll feel recharged, relaxed and reluctant to move from your spot ever again!

Avoid the waiting room look
When you have a small space, the overwhelming temptation is to take plants and position them around the perimeter of your garden. While this might feel like you’re saving space, you’re actually just highlighting the boundaries that you’re living within, and creating that same effect you get with doctors waiting rooms.

Vary the heights of plants and position them all over the garden – including in the centre – and you’ll create a lots of depth and interest. It’s up to you how much you fill it (though the ‘jungle’ look is a very cool idea!), but consider ‘zoning’ bits of furniture as you would in an open plan living room. Doing so will mean your small garden is functional as well as beautiful.

Move the inside out…
You could take a leaf out of Abigail Ahern’s book and take the indoors outside by moving furniture out of your home and in to your garden. She recommends making sure your outdoor furnishings fit with your garden, and that you keep up a strong sense of continuity between the indoor and the outdoor to enhance the sense of space.

For example, if you have a garden bursting with lush, green foliage, add a little to the top of your kitchen cupboards to suggest that the two spaces are linked: this will make your small garden feel much bigger!

Welcome wildlife
Another misnomer with small gardens is that you have to use it for just one thing: just entertaining, just drying the laundry or just creating a haven for wildlife. Well, that’s not true. Consider buying furniture that you can pack away in a shed when you’re not using it, and hang a washing line from one wall to a fence or pole to retract it whenever it’s not in use.

And, while you probably don’t have space to dig a pond or keep hives of bees, you could install a bird feeder or two to encourage birds to come and spend some time in your garden. There are are range of feeders on offer from the likes of Wild Bird Feeders, ranging from decorative pieces so that you can keep within your decorative scheme, to squirrel-proof feeders to stop unwanted pests stealing those lovely seeds…a real consideration in small, city gardens!

So, as you can see, there’s plenty that you can do with a small garden! It doesn’t have to be restrictive, and in fact there are actually lots of benefits to having a small plot… they’re often much easier to maintain than larger gardens, your gardening products will stretch further with less land to deal with, and a small space might even encourage you to be far more creative than you otherwise might. Enjoy yours this summer!  

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