Monday, 4 July 2016

The cost of children

Every day spent raising a child brings about unexpected and often eye watering funny conversations, amusing activities and of course lots of fun memories – but there’s also plenty of expenses to account for to make some of these things happen!

An interactive guide, created by debt management service PayPlan, might open your eyes to the costs that go hand in hand with ensuring your little one enjoys the best in life. For example, a six-month old baby will get through 248 nappies a month – which amounts to £438 a year! A four-year-old starting primary school will need uniform and this can add up to an incredible £251 a year, as you need to buy new trousers or shoes after they play outside or a new shirt when they drop their lunch down it.

As a parent it’s a good idea to find cheaper alternatives, check our finances and ensure we are receiving all the help we need and keep a close eye on our spending. Looking for discount deals when it comes to days out in the summer to swapping brands for supermarket own when shopping are just a couple of great ways of saving a few pennies.

Click here to check out the guide and discover for yourself the average cost of raising a child for each important year.  

Now Leo is at school it often feels like we are sending in money for something or other every other week. We are lucky in the sense that for the reception year the school meals are inclusive, so I do save money on that front for the moment. There are school trips, school fates, non uniform days, cupcake sales and so many other weird and wonderful ways that the school raises money.

Of course when you have kids there is always something that they want, Leo has started expecting treats each day he comes home from school, and I am en-stilling in him that treats do not happen everyday. Treats are earned and it's wrong to expect them every single day, and if he does then he is going to be left disappointed. 

I am a firm believer in letting children work for any treats that they have, and Leo will thank me for this when he is older.

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