Monday, 15 August 2016

Having Fun with the Olympics

The Olympics are now in full swing, and I have been enjoying watching all of the excitement that is currently taking place in Rio. Even Leo has enjoyed watching GB bring home the medals and because of this I thought he would enjoy an Olympic based game. Leo absolutely loves his games (he's recently got his own laptop to help him with his school work!) so he has been spending a bit of time getting to know it. The games are helping him to navigate the keyboard and learn his away around, and of course I am on hand to aid him when he isn't sure. 

Last week I came across a new game that I knew would be a big hit with Leo, it's called Olly's Medal Run. It's a free arcade-sports game from Poki. Leo has used Poki in the past and he was really excited when I told him about this interesting Olympic game called Olly's Medal Run

In Olly’s Medal Run, you guide a cartoon athlete through a series of ever-changing obstacles that are known as “mini-games,” these include a variety of different sports that you can currently see on the Summer Olympic Games!  There is a swimming round, hurdling track, football match, and even a boxing ring, which thankfully is pretty tame!

Before starting the sports competition, there’s a very fun character selection screen, which Leo has been loving as it allows you to decide whether Olly is a boy or a girl. Then, you can try on a selection of different costumes that might just make you laugh the way that Leo chuckled when he saw the fluffy animal outfit! There is also a big maraca suit, and a sundae costume, not to mention the outfit’s colours change based on the country you choose. 

The mini-games start as soon as the game does and you flow through them all one by one, Leo's especially loving the boxing, but my favourite had to be the hurdles and the swimming. It's all very easy to do and the swimming mini-game requires you to press different buttons on the keyboard as you swim toward the gold! There's no time limit but you do need to keep Olly near the top by pressing the buttons pretty quickly (else he will sink towards the bottom and you will loose one your hearts!).
The hurdling is a bit trickier (this is why I personally liked it!), it means you have to be on the ball (or the hurdle as it is!) as you have to jump at the exact moment, which for the younger ones like Leo can sometimes be a bit trickier, but that being said, Leo was amazing at it.
The football mini-game is anther of Leo's favourites. He loves nothing more than having a kick about, and he liked that he could do it in the Olympic setting of Olly's Medal Run. You run Olly accross the pitch kicking every ball as you go!

The boxing game has you running along and punching the training machine, there's no gore or anything that could cause distress so it is absolutely fine for the younger children to have a play at.
If you really want to get in to the Olympic spirit, give Olly's Medal Run a go and see what you think. It's been a great distraction to Leo when I have to do the washing up or entertain our 9 week old Dalmatian Puppy! We loved the game and will be continuing to play when we want a quiet 5 minutes (which there have been quite a bit of over the last week since bringing our puppy home!).

Join your country’s squad in the game, or try to win gold for a different team!

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