Monday, 1 August 2016

Long Distance Driving

Dalmatian Puppy

This coming weekend we make the 3 hour drive back to Hull to collect our new family addition, Lux, our Dalmatian Puppy. I cannot wait to get in the car early on Saturday morning, because it means we are one step closer to bringing our little best friend home and the fun can commence. Along with the excitement of picking him up, I am also slightly nervous about my car on such a long drive, it has been known to be unreliable at times, and of course setting out on such a long drive can sometimes make you paranoid to every bump in the road or unusual noise.

I have been known to drive along with the radio turned down as low as it will go, and just listening intently to each and every whirl of the motor. That's not how driving should be, those long jaunts in the car shouldn't be stressful, you should be able to trust in your car to get you from point A to point B without the engine over heating and spurting water all over the place or the tyre popping until you are literally running on the metal...

Mini Cooper S Convertible 2005

Yes both of these instances have happened (in the past 12 months within 2 weeks of one another...).

I have been thinking about my future car plans for once I finally break ties with my Mini (Which through all of the car troubles has been a much loved car). I sort of feel like the my Mini Cooper S was a car I needed to have for a short part of my life, just once. Sort of like a mid life crisis in the sense that it worked for us but realistically is completely impractical. If I had gone on to have another baby in that time frame I would have been locked into the finance deal, and I would have had no room for a pushchair and only 4 seats within the car. Of course now we are bringing Lux into the fold, I am going to have to cover my leather seats with some protective covers to stop him clawing the leather. 

Of course all of these factors feed into what I actually need and expect from my next car, and only 2 years after collecting my Mini, my requirements have completely matured. I now want and need something that is more realistic than small and sporty. I need a larger, more recent car with great boot space, with the potential to have a dog guard and of course still have room for a pushchair (because one day this will need to be essential). 

I haven't narrowed down the complete selection yet, but I am thinking of a few brands that I think have the possibilities to meet my over all needs:

- VW
- Ford
- Kia

On Saturday we will be hitting the road early so we can arrive in West Yorkshire with plenty of time to spare, we will be cruising down the motorway hoping for a straightforward drive with no hidden adventures in store for us. We will make all the essential checks before we leave to eliminate anything that we can prevent going wrong, and we will bring our little pup home. 

The count down is on.

Dalmatian Puppy

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