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The Power of Reading a Good Book

The Power of Reading a Good Book

Just imagine it - having the time to curl up in a quiet corner with a good book. Whether it’s a dog-eared paperback from the local charity shop or a hardback carefully selected from a polished oak bookcase, the power of losing yourself in a good book is hard to beat and here are some great reasons from Furniture Plus Online why you should pick up a book.

With Book Lover’s Day being celebrated on 9th August, there’s never been a better time to read. But did you know your favourite pastime has proven health benefits, too?

Books Boost Brain Power
We all know it’s important that children learn to read. But did you know that reading a book exposes a child to 50% more new words than watching a TV programme? And all that vocabulary helps them score higher on intelligence tests.

And in later life, flexing your brain muscle by getting to grips with a good story helps to improve brain function and slow mental decline.

Books Raise Empathy
Losing yourself in the fictional lives of others gives you a much greater insight into how others think and act. That empathy is a useful skill when it comes to navigating complex relationships in the real world.

Books Increase Analytical Skills
You know those racy thrillers and whodunits you love but are a little bit ashamed about reading? Don’t be - working your way through a complex plot to solve the mystery helps hone important analytical skills.

And by mentally critiquing the plot and characters, you’ll be sharpening those skills further. Useful if you’re a member of a book club.

Books Improve Concentration
You’re on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Or you just have to check your email and Skype your best friend. Stop. See that bookcase over there, full of tempting volumes? Choose one and give it your full attention.

You’ll soon find you’re immersed in the story and caught up with the characters. Feel the stresses and strains of the world flow away. Focus on the characters in a novel or the complex arguments in an article. Try reading on your commute for 15-20 minutes and you’ll be surprised how much more productive you are.

Books Reduce Stress
If you need to escape the pressures of the world, you don’t have to turn to a glass of wine. Open a book - a real book, with pages - and in just six minutes your heart rate slows and tension in your muscles will ease.
In fact, reading brings your stress levels down by 68% - that’s more than listening to music, having a cup of tea or going for a long walk.

Books Make You Creative
You’ll notice that the more you read, and the more you increase your vocabulary, the better your own self-expression will become. Absorbing different styles of writing - the rhythms and cadences of great fiction will inevitably influence you.

Books have an intrinsic beauty - from paperback cover art to a particularly skilful hardback binding. And what better way to display them than in a solid wood bookcase that showcases that beauty? There’s nothing as classy as having your own library of books on display.

Books Are the Best Entertainment
A local library is a wonderful thing, offering millions of stories to enrich your imagination for free. If you don’t have access to a library you can download millions of books for free to an e-reader.

Using your imagination to lose yourself in great writing is better than any movie. Your brain will thank you for it.

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