Thursday, 22 September 2016

All Access Family Day's Out #TravelForAll

We have always been an active family, and I believe that is because I come from an active family. As a child I have fond memories of getting out the big attraction book that my parents used to have, and we would travel all over the UK most weekends just to see and do something new. I don't re-call all of the names of places we used to go, but I have some magical memories of the Petrifying Well at Mother Shipton that we once visited. 

The Petrifying Well is an ancient well that was formally known as the Dropping Well, and the well is famous because it can turn Teddy Bears to stone, the process takes between 3-5 months to petrify a teddy bear. I think this is exactly why this place has stayed so vividly in my mind even after all of these years, because it was such a magical place to me as a young girl. As the entire family has aged since this visit took place, we have to take a lot more into consideration before we suddenly hit the road for a random adventure, especially since my Mother now suffers with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which of course marks some destinations as off limits to us.

We still head off on some exciting adventures as a family, but we do a lot more research than we used to. Although my Mum is not wheelchair bound, if am attraction has a lot of steps, no lifts, or is limited on disables access, we know that my Mum will struggle, so really what we do these days is take a look at the website well in advance so we can make a list of appropriate places. What we like to know ahead of time is whether it is suitable for my Mum, because we need ample places for her to take a break and rest her legs, ideally a lift is what we would like so that she doesn't need to worry about the stairs but if that's not available, at least we can take that into consideration before arrive.

We love to visit Cadbury World with the extended family because we find that there is something for everyone to do, and they are incredibly helpful if you contact them ahead of your visit, they can then help you get something in place ready for your day out. This has been invaluable to us as a family over the years, and that it why it is still a top contender when we think about a family trip out together. For us Cadbury Land ticks every box, and it was even super when we had Leo in a puschair all those years ago, and traveling with Leo now we still need to take his little legs into consideration and we usually tie Leo's needs in with Granny's, as they are pretty similar in that respect.

Mobility Nationwide have put together this great infographic detailing the top all access destinations up and down the UK, so if you are planning a family day out anytime soon this could be really handy for you if you need to take access into consideration.



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