Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Family Holiday's in the Canary Islands

Tenerife Family Holiday

It seems like an awfully long time ago that Leo was a baby in arms, but it has only really been 4 years. We decided that from an early age that we were going to take Leo on family holiday's abroad, travelling is such a privilege and both Luke and I felt that it was important to show Leo how big this world we live in really is. 

When Leo was 5 months old we booked our very first family holiday to the Canary Island of Tenerife, it was a generous flight time and promised sunny skies and family friendly things to do, even with a baby in a pushchair at the helm of the plans. 

I remember worrying myself stupid when it came to feeding Leo at the airport and on the plane, I didn't see how I was going to be able to take Leo's formula milk through security. Before we had even arrived I convinced myself it was going to be a complete nightmare, so when the time actually came to head through and it was a breeze I instantly let myself relax, because that had been the very bane of my worry. The flight was perhaps the easiest flight in history (especially compared to more recent flights as he has gotten older!) and aside from it being a smooth experience the only other memory that jumps to the forefront of my mind is Leo deciding to fill his nappy at the precise time the plane took off!

Tenerife Family Holiday

The holiday was one we took with Luke's family and it was such a lovely week spent under the sun. We had a private villa which I would definitely advise if you are travelling with a baby. It meant that I had all of the facilities I needed to sterilize Leo's bottles and adhere to each and every single need that he required just as though we were at home. The holiday agent had really sorted us out and had provided us with a travel cot and even a baby walker (which we substituted as a highchair during our stay!) 

We brought the travel system with us with just the car seat so that we could save space, and of course then have the car seat for the rental car that we had waiting for us when we touched down in Tenerife. As I think back on that week with a smile on my face, I still can't believe how much we got in, travelling with a baby really didn't hold us back or stop us from doing anything that we wanted to do. I guess the beauty of going on a big extended family holiday with the in-laws was that we had all of that extra support should we need it, and they were more than happy to steal our little man for squishy newborn cuddles!

Tenerife Family Holiday

Tenerife Family Holiday

The villa had it's own private pool that we could make use of day or night, and this was one of the first swimming experiences that Leo had, he always did love the water and being under the warm sun with the backdrop of blue skies really did set the perfect back drop.

Tenerife Family Holiday

I often think about going back to Tenerife now that Leo is older so that he could experience it all for himself and create his own memories there. It was such a beautiful destination and to this day is home to the best Steak I have ever eaten. Of course there are 6 more islands to explore and we have been having a look at the Tots to Travel holiday's in the Canary Islands as they make great winter sun destinations, and with summer here in the UK officially over, it would be so nice to have a sun break to look forward to.

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