Sunday, 25 September 2016

Get into the Christmas Spirit with Festive Lighting

Christmas Lighting
With Christmas around the corner, now is the time to spring into action. The holidays can be stressful as there is so much that goes into an enjoyable festive period, but by starting early it can reduce this stress and ensure that everything goes well.

Get the Ball Rolling
One great way to get the ball rolling is to start with your Christmas decorations, as this will get you into the festive spirit and encourage you (and your family) to start other related tasks such as shopping and sending cards.

Decorating your home can also bring the family together and get everybody looking forward to the holidays. This is important, as the start of winter is typically not the happiest time of the year.

Finding the Right Lighting
In addition to your tree and various decorations around the home, you will also want special lighting for the holidays. In the evening, this can create a warm and magical atmosphere, as well as look fantastic from the outside too. There are many different options when it comes to lighting, allowing you to find the best type to your personal style and one which complements both your home and decorations.

Whilst fairy lights are always a popular choice, you could opt for something slightly more unique, such as icicle lighting or a light up snowball curtain (these look excellent in the window). Jewelled twig lighting, meanwhile, can bring some of the outdoors inside and this look brilliant draped around mirrors or on the mantelpiece.

Outdoor Lighting
In addition to the inside of your home, you could also decorate your garden and bring it to life with outdoor lighting. Dot string lights hung in the trees and/or light up reindeers can transform your backyard in the evening and are great to look at whilst in the warmth of your home.

Finding the right lighting for Christmas can be challenging, but with so many options it should allow you to find something that will bring the festive spirit to your home.  Typically, strings of twinkling light and lighting shaped into Christmas imagery will enhance your decorations and create a magical and welcoming atmosphere to your home. Places like Cox & Cox are great places to shop for festive lighting and other pieces for decorating.

Getting into the Festive Spirit

Decorating your home is a great way to start your Christmas preparations and it will encourage you to get your shopping and other tasks completed quickly. It can also be great fun and a brilliant way to bring your family closer together as you approach the holiday season.

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