Sunday, 11 September 2016

Getting Organised – The Knife Edition

Parents are all about efficiency – not being organised is a luxury we cannot afford, particularly when school and work are involved. So why is it that when it comes to home organisation, we often don’t extend the same consideration to our knives that we do to other areas of our homes? Properly organising your knives is time saving, cost saving, and finger saving! It might sound pedantic, but read on and you’ll realise that keeping your knives properly organised makes a worthwhile change to your home.

1. Store knives properly

How often do you blindly search for things in your utensils drawer, only to be stabbed in the finger by a rogue knife? This arrangement is not just doing your fingers damage – it’s doing your knives damage, too. Edges become damaged due to chips, bumps and abrasions when knives are thrown in with other utensils. Store knives properly using a knife block or purpose designed magnetic strip. It’s both safer and time saving, and there are so many to choose from that they also present a great kitchen styling opportunity.

2. Invest in good quality knives

We’re all guilty of hoarding knives that we never use – blunt knives, bent knives, knives with broken handles. We waste time dodging them as we search for a knife that will actually do the job. Investing in good quality knives might be costly initially, but even having just a couple of reliable multi-purpose knives to call on is an investment in efficiency. Use a guide to decide which style of knife will make the most valuable addition to your kitchen, and invest in some high quality makes. Using the right knife for the job is not only time saving, it is also safer.

3. Take care of your knives

Once you’ve invested in good quality knives, make sure they last by taking care of them. Learning how to hone and sharpen your knives will make your investment worthwhile, or invest in an electric sharpener to save even more time. Sharp, good quality knives mean less chance of slipping and having an accident, which means fewer injuries for you and your family.

Check out the infographic below for some help in picking the right knife for you!

Getting Organised – The Knife Edition

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