Monday, 19 September 2016


Recent years have seen the boom of digital documents, I for one get pretty much everything emailed to me these days, that goes for my bank statements, my gas and electric and even my mobile phone bill. This works for me because I am one of those people who seem to accumulate so much paper work, and I have to be honest here and tell you all that I am not really very organised. I loose absolutely everything, so having a mass of paperwork means that when I need to find a specific document... I probably won't be able to, and if I do happen to stumble across it...It will have taken me hours to locate it and completely stressed me out.

The ease of having everything emailed to me and stored safely on the computer is a match made in heaven for me. I am much more efficient in my computer management than I am in any other area of my life, every account has a separate folder in my inbox, so when the monthly accounts arrive, I simply need to move them into the appropriate folder. Now if I need 3 months worth of bank statements I can quite simply find them, print them and submit them without pulling out my hair in the process.

I love having all of this information within arms reach, it means I can check in with my energy company online and see exactly where I am with everything. I don't need to wait for a letter in the mail. the information is there for me to look at day or night, I don't need to wait on anyone. 

Technology today means that information is a lot more readily available. Smart Phones are just like mini computers, and I can access absolutely everything I need to from my iPhone. I can bank, surf the world wide web, pick up all of my emails, use electronic e-tickets all from this one device and I wonder, do any of us actually have any need for paper documents these days? Heck you can even get newspapers and magazines on your devices in 2016, so how long will the conventional newspaper stick around?

For me I think the generation rising up in 2016 will one day have an existence that is completely 100% digital, the way we are moving forward see's the elimination of physical documents in all walk's of life, and for the majority it is more of a convenience than anything else. Of course the elderly who have not grown up using computers and surfing the web, this might be more of a hindrance than anything else, but as the next generations go on, we will have used computers our whole lives. We will be the forefront of the digital age, we will be the first elderly generation to be Facebooking and Tweeting as we go. 

idbs know how important it is for us to be able to capture, manage and share our data, and I myself fully support going paperless, and I absolutely love the ease and convenience of having it all in electronic format. 


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