Monday, 12 September 2016

Master Bedroom ideas

It's been almost a month since Leo and I got the keys to our new home, and the move has subsequently taken up the remainder of the Summer holiday and then some! At this moment in time it does not feel like I will ever see the end of the boxes, and the initial excitement of the move has officially worn off and the general feeling that lingers on is that I never ever want to move house, ever ever again. 

Although the actual moving of the boxes and lugging them into their correct new positions in the new house has been tiring, the truth is that it has been amazing to start putting our personal marks on this house, and it is now starting to feel more like our home. 

Leo's room is starting to look amazing, and I will definitely be writing a post on that in the coming weeks ahead. My room however is still a bomb site, a complete blank canvas if you will, it has the full potential to be a beautiful space, but at this moment in time I find it a stressful room to be in for any long periods of time, because all of my stuff is yet to be housed. I need to purchase a wardrobe and start to really get my act together with it all, but despite my best intentions it's just not something I can afford right now on top of all of the other expenses that I have had come my way all at once. 

Despite money not being on my side at this moment in time, I can't help but in-vision how I want my room to look and feel. The shape of the room was initially a concern for me, it's in the shape of an L, and ideally made for a double bed only, and not my beautiful king, I didn't let that hold me back and somehow my bed fit beautifully within the nook for the double. 

I have two chest of draws and a beauty table in the room which all fits beautifully, and the wardrobe is going to go on the far wall. Furniture wise this is all I really need now in order to be able to de-clutter the room and finally put everything in it's place. Once that expense is out of the way there is so much more I would love to do to this room, and these are my ideas from Fishpools - one of my personal favourite furnishing stores:


Top Left: Antibes 2 Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe
Bottom Left: Tempur Mattress - Sensation Deluxe 27
Top Right: Antoinette Leaner Mirror 
Bottom Right: Chevron Black White Bolster Cushion

My room is going to be shabby chic style with modern touches, and as this room is all mine, I can be as creative as I want to be without having to worry about anybody else. I absolutely love the chevron design because it is so vibrant while at the same time being so simple. Eventually I would love to be able to upgrade my mattress, but I guess I should address the necessities first!?

My room is the next room I want to throw some money at, so hopefully before too long I will be able to get it looking the way I want it too. For now though my main focus has been on Leo's room and making downstairs look presentable. 

Watch this space though because this is my very next mission.

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