Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Adding your mark to your new home

vintage living room

Over this weekend I finally managed to get some curtains up in the living room, this has been a dream of mine since I moved in back in August. Of course the weeks and months that have rolled by have  brought with them there very own challenges and obstacles that have meant the curtains have had to be put on hold. Now they are up I feel like I need to give myself a high five, but before I get too carried away I need to remember I still have a very long to do list...In the next few months I would love to get a big vintage mirror above the television.

The next big item on my list is to get blinds in the Kitchen, the downstairs toilet and the upstairs bathroom. The downstairs toilet and bathroom especially feel like very clinical rooms, and there is not a lot going on in there at all, and this is something I really want to change. I want to start this transition by addressing the need for blinds, because by simply putting something bright and vibrant in the window, I can change the whole dynamic of the room.


The kitchen has splashes of colour, but is over all quite a tranquil room. This is what I want to change you see. I have in-visioned in my minds eye, a bright sunflower yellow in this window. I found the perfect match from VELUX BLINDS. People have said I am bonkers to opt for such a bright colour, but I have to say I completely disagree with them. Winter is well on the way, so I feel that it is important to welcome the warmer colours into my home. While it is cold and dark outside, I know that inside I will still be enjoying the brightness of the summer months. 

Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

 I think a sunflower yellow would really make this room stand out, and I will be sticking with my gut instinct on this one. After all.... It's me who has to live here!

The downstairs bathroom is a small room with enough space for a toilet one end and a sink the other. It's absolutely perfect for Leo and I. Just the luxury of having a toilet downstairs is amazing, especially when you have guests over and you are aware that Leo has been upstairs and trashed the landing with a number of his toys. I definitely want to add some colour to this room, and I am feeling a warm Red would really do the trick. 

It's 4 magnolia walls, and at this moment in time I still haven't managed to get the other half to put the pictures up in this room. I really should try and get a sense of urgency on that! 

Monohrome Bathroom

The upstairs bathroom is pretty big and I have to admit that I have struggled in filling it. I am not complaining as it is nice to have a big enough bathroom to maneuver around, especially when it comes to taking a soak in the bath as I have become accustomed to in recent weeks. 

I love how the room is looking at the moment, and I have started to really put my mark on it over the past few days. I have a set of hurricane candles that I have now placed in the window, and I have even managed to get Luke putting up some of the pictures that I have put aside! 

Again with this room though, I feel that it needs some colour in the window. I want a bold colour to really stand out. It can't be patterned because the Chevron pattern of the shower curtain already makes a  fantastic statement piece. At this moment in time I am turn between a second Yellow or a Turquoise blind for this room.

I really did expect to be completely finished by now, in terms of sorting the house. That must have been a pretty naive dream. I still have so much to do, so much to sort, and still a million and one things to bring over from my parent's home. Of course until I have everything sorted and away, I don't really know where to begin with it all.

For now though I should definitely smile about what I have achieved in this time frame, and give myself that high five for getting this far! 

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