Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Getting Baby to Sleep - Fade Away Sleep Sounds

I only need to cast my mind back a few short years to when Leo was a baby and resisting sleep, it meant some long restless nights for me, usually on Twitter chatting with other parents all over the world who were faced with the same problem. A baby who did not want to go to sleep. 

Through those long sleepless nights, I remember finding a sense of comfort knowing that I wasn't alone in all of this. It wasn't just Leo who wasn't sleeping, there were other parent's with babies and young children in exactly the same boat as me. They were equally as sleepy, tired and grumpy as I was.

My mind can't help but wander back to 2 nights in particular. 2 nights that followed one after the other, and Leo would just not go to sleep. He spent 2 solid days and 2 solid nights screaming. I was at my wits end, I have never known tiredness like it in my life, and it just happened to be a time when Luke was away with work, meaning I didn't have any support to fall back on. I don't know how I finally managed to coarse him into sleep, but I know it involved a lot of cuddles and rocking. 

We have all been there, and we all know just how mentally draining it is to even attempt to function on little to no sleep. Sometimes it feels like they know what they are doing, like how it is almost a deliberate intention, a form of torture to get us where they want us. 

That is why over time, we the parents learn the secrets and tricks of how to obtain the perfect sleeping baby. White noise is always a popular choice, and I have to admit that we were big fans of the hair dryer back in Leo's day. I don't know what it was about this particular noise, but it was definitely a saving grace in this house.

Leo is 5 now, but those day's of very little sleep are still pivotal memories at the forefront of my mind. I recently heard about a rather incredible company - Fade Away Sleep Sounds (FASS) which provides professional recorded white noise, sounds for sleeping.  I  really wanted to share this with you all, because I know so many of you reading are going through today, exactly what I went through only a few short years ago.  

The company was founded by Kevin Hale back in 2008, only a few short years after himself and his wife discovered the benefits of white noise with their own children. Kevin says, “My wife and I had heard a little about white noise and how it could help babies, so we decided to try it on one particularly tough night when our fussy newborn refused to sleep. Amazingly we found that this inconsolable baby boy responded to the sound of the bath water running. After trying almost everything, it was the sound of the bathtub that calmed him right down.”

Kevin's personal experience went on to help family friends and their newborn a few years later. Kevin recorded and edited the same white noises that had helped his children for the family.  This was the very beginning of Fade Away Sleep Sounds!

You can find out more about Fade Away Sleep Sounds in the video below:

Today Fade Away Sleep Sounds has a number of different white noise options from nature, life and of course Baby Sleep Sounds! The transition from womb to the outside world can be a big transition, especially since they are so used to sleeping with the sound of the Mother's heartbeat, which can make sleeping in silence a very difficult thing for them to do.

The beautiful thing about FASS is that you can download the noise that works best for your baby or child to your computer, smart phone or tablet so that it is always on hand when you need it. This saves you dragging the hair dryer into the babies nursery and sitting there like a man person until your baby falls asleep...Then undoubtedly waking up as soon as you turn it off. The downloaded tracks slowly fade away, but it is done in such a way that you won't notice it even in the final 10 minutes of the track. This is great because it means that it doesn't just cut out resulting in a baby wide awake!

The website allows you  to listen to 30 seconds of each track on the website and full tracks on their YouTube Channel, this means you can find the perfect track that works for your little one before you commit to purchase. 

I wish I had known about this when Leo was younger as I have a feeling it would have been a God send for us. What it is important to remember through these harder times is that, they don't stay babies for very long at all. Pretty soon they are grown up 5 year old's who you need to raise from their beds for school each and every morning. 

The sleepless phase might be difficult and you may be wondering how on earth you will survive it, but you will. That much I am sure of.

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