Monday, 3 October 2016

Your Dream Kitchen - DIY Needn’t be Half Baked

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Many of us dream of getting a new kitchen, a room that is practical, but at the same time comfortable and relaxing. New kitchens, however, can be very expensive, there always seems to be something else to spend the money on and so the kitchen remains as it is looking more tired everyday.

Well, if you employ a little effort and know where to look to find quality materials at competitive prices, you can save a fortune and still get the kitchen of your dreams.

The first thing to consider when modernising your kitchen is its infrastructure and by that I mean the plumbing and the electricity. Without these, you’ll never get the kitchen looking and working, just the way you want it. First plan out everything, just the way you want it and work out what materials you’ll need. Next use a company like The Electrical Guys to get the stuff without having to pay the earth.

Depending on your on how experienced you are at DIY, you may need to get the help of experts to do electrical or plumbing work. Many people, however, are opting to do much of the prep work themselves and then bring in the experts to complete the job.  

Once the electrics and plumbing are in place, make sure the ceiling, walls and floors are sound. It is surprising just what a difference having the plaster in a room re-skimmed can make and the same goes for floor coverings - there are lots of options out there, that won’t break the bank.

Now for the exciting part of the project! Choosing colour schemes and starting to decorate indicates that you are heading to the final stages of the job. Here again you can save money by only tiling the areas you need protecting most and then using a contrasting colour of paint to decorate the rest of the walls.

We are all too aware that fixtures and fittings can be really expensive, but there are other options - revamping your old cupboards and worktops is one option. If, however, you are determined to have new fixtures and fittings, then a mixture of new, fitted items and reclaimed items may be a good money saver.

Depending on your budget and your personal taste, there are lots of ways to get the kitchen of your dreams. A little hard work here and a little imagination there and before long you tired old kitchen will be your new favourite space. Hmm - what’s cooking?

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